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    I plan to be in Milan in the latter part of Nov.

    How far is the Ferrari factory from Milan and how long will it take to drive? I am still working on getting a factory visit but does anyone one know how long the tour is?

    I plan to go into the Turin area. Are there villages/towns in the area worth visiting?

    Finally any recommeded restaurants in Milan and Turin?

    Sorry if it is a bit off topic.

    Re: I plan to be in Milan in the latter part of Nov.


    All i know is that Milan is 200kms far from Maranello.

    Enjoy !


    Luigi is in Milan pretty often, I bet he can give you some nice hints.

    Re: I plan to be in Milan in the latter part of Nov.

    The drive from Milan to Maranello it's about two hours...Milano to Modena it's highway and it is fast , then from Modena exit to Maranello -if you don't take wrong directions as I did- it's quite close.
    The visit it is also about 2 hours and I really liked it.

    Regarding the restaurants, I am not familiar with Turin, I know some in Milan but I think Luigi could be more helpful than me. If not I'll give some advise.
    I live in a town that is in the middle from Milan to Modena, let me know when you will be here and I 'll be pleased to have a drink .

    Re: I plan to be in Milan in the latter part of Nov.

    Glad to hear that you're coming!
    RE the restaurants in Milano I would recommend L'altro Luogo di Aimo e Nadia which is inside the Principe di Savoia Hotel (one of the nicest ones in Milano).
    If you want to go to a more glamorous trendy place I would advise you to go to Casablanca (fodd is not as good but it has more hippy atmosphere, models etc...)

    Anyway if I am here the days you are in Milan I'll be glad to come out and have a drink( if you decide to go to Casablanca obviously... ).

    Let me know if you need some help with the Hotel or restaurant reservations, I have some friends here and the best places only accept you if they know who you are.

    I plan to be in Milan Nov.20th and depart the 24th. I am

    staying at the Four Seasons hotel. Also, I plan to be back in Milan on the 28th Nov.

    I am still waiting to hear from Ferrari on the factory tour. That may impact my schedule. However if your in town on those days my wife and I would love to me you at the Casablanca for some "refreshments".

    Thank you for your offer. A lot will depend

    on my schedule. I will email you if I can make it. Which town are you in?

    Re: Thank you for your offer. A lot will depend

    I'm living in Piacenza, 40 miles south east of Milan, actually on the way to Maranello.
    Where do you live in San Diego? I spent some time in La Jolla when I was student (many years ago) but when possible I stop by also now: I was in L J also last august for a couple of days, I really love San Diego!

    I live in LaJolla on top of MT. Soledad. Next time

    your in the San Diego area please be sure to let me know.



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