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    New CTT with PowerKit - naive new-owner questions

    Took delivery on my new CTT with PowerKit a couple of weeks ago. Many thanks to all on this forum, especially RC, for lots of valuable info. I have a few questions for you experts.
    First, I've followed the debates on break-in period and wanted to know the current train of thought. My US-version owner's manual says to keep it below 4200 rpm (which is torture for me) for the first 2000 miles, which seems excessive to me. The salesman said that the mechanics recommend 800 miles, but I hesitate to take his word for this. Anyone have strong feelings on the issue?

    Second, I had a glitch I haven't seen on this forum before. Tried searching the forum, but couldn't find this specific symptom, so I'm sorry if I missed a prior discussion. Was cruising at highway speed yesterday, listening to the satellite radio. Reached to change stations and accidentally pressed the AM button. The PCM locked up completely. Would not respond to any buttons at all, including the volume knob or even switching it off. Just kept playing the same station at the same volume. Was in the process of pulling off on an exit to stop the car and turn off the igntion, when it suddenly switched sequentially through the first few commands I had entered, ending with turning itself off. I switched it back on and it worked fine. Should I consider this a random electronic gremlin, or is this a known issue that needs to be addressed?

    Finally, I have the Pirellis, which seem to be okay, so far. I do note a little bit of INTERMITTENT, slight steering wheel vibration between 64-70 mph, which I know others have noted. However, it is hard to separate a wheel imbalance from the rough highways I've been on and, interestingly, is only noted with suspension set to "Comfort" and is not noticeable at all when set to "Sport." It's hard for me to grasp this as a wheel-balance issue, but I'm eager to be educated.


    Re: New CTT with PowerKit - naive new-owner questions

    Size of Pirellis? Scorpions or Rosso's?

    Re: New CTT with PowerKit - naive new-owner questions

    Sorry, - Rossos, 275/45-19.

    Re: New CTT with PowerKit - naive new-owner questions

    follow the break in recommended by the manual.

    i would trust porsche published literature over the voodoo of someone's personal opinion.

    Re: New CTT with PowerKit - naive new-owner questions

    as to your radio problem , I once had a similar 'hick up' w my system. , I took it to the dealer the following day , they confirmed I was in need of a software update , which was done then and there , end of problem.
    Tires , vibrations small noises , etc on a new 100k vehicle have a funny way of being ever so more noticeable than on my 20k vehicles ( funny thing that) .
    My personal decision for these smallerproblems has been to let it go for a while( 5 thousand miles or so) and see if it sorts itself out. true problems stand tall , nuances show themselves as such and hick ups will get aired out..

    Most of all enjoy your new magic carpet

    Re: New CTT with PowerKit - naive new-owner questions

    I had the radi glitch happen when I hit Mute. had to stop the car and turn off the ignition to reboot LOL Happened once or twice more but hasn't happened for a while now.

    Steering wheel shake? Yup. My Corvette doesn't have it. I'll check out the sport Vs comfort setting on mine

    Re: New CTT with PowerKit - naive new-owner questions

    Thanks, all, for the reports. It seems I spoke too soon about the suspension setting. Putting it in Sport mode seems to shift the mph range at which it happens a bit higher, but vibration is still there. I guess I have a trip to the dealer for Hunter balancing in my future. Will sit on the PCM glitch for a while and see if it happens again. As I found with my ML 430, the cure is sometimes worse than the disease with some of these small glitches.



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