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    Paris Motor Show review by Fanch

    Dear all,
    What a day!!!
    Let me tell you my first impressions I got from the show.
    First of all, the great surprises.
    We were invited to the private lounge for the Maybach 62 launch.
    What a car!!! Unbelievable.
    A first class flying comfort in a car.
    But not very sporty I suppose. 550hp and 900 NM!!!
    Then, the new S600 V12 biturbo, very nice, more of a car than the Maybach.
    BTW, we signed for one, we'll receive one of the first for the french market
    Metallic black with designo anthracite grey interior and AMG optic kit 500hp, 800NM, 0 to 100 in 4.8secs
    Over all, the MB stand was fantastic, great service, and the most crowded stand by very far!!!!!!!!
    Then, off to Porsche.
    The Cayenne is beautiful, seems plastic after the Maybach but everything seemed plastic after the Maybach.
    The line is beautiful especially with 20in wheels. The Turbo looks best.
    Good legroom at the back, great dashboard design.
    Congratulations Porsche
    Christian, here's an anecdote for you
    I saw Alexander Duwendag, and I talked to him about Rennteam, and yourself, he seemed ambarrassed, like sort off, yes, we know him and he's not suppose to know so much about our products, but he knew you allright
    Then, Bentley.
    First disappoinment IMO.
    The car looks very heavy and bulky
    Enormous wheels, beautiful interior, but lacks fluidity.
    Doesn't look fast although it still delivers 1000 NM
    Then, BMW.
    Very disapointed.
    The Z4 IMO looks terrible. They designed the back with an axe
    The 760LI has idrive at the back as well, to make things more complicated, and delivers "only" 400hp compared to 500 with the S600.
    The stand was quite dull.
    BTW, Porsche's stand was very nice and bright with a nice bar to chill at the mezzanine.
    Then, Gentlemen, for me, my girlfriend and my cousin, the most beautiful car of the show,
    The Aston Martin Vanquish
    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It looks simply gorgeous, I don't care if it is outperformed by the Turbo bc it is actually but it just looks too good.
    After this we checked the Zonda, impressive, the Murcielago, one yellow and one black, both looked stunning.
    The Ferrari stand was crap but then, you all know I am not a Ferrari lover, I still don't like the Enzo, the interior is so badly finished, it is appauling for a car of this price, you see screws everywhere
    The 575 looks beautiful but not as nice as the Vanquish (BTW, I didn't like the back of the DB7 Zagato).
    The Maserati stand was the worse, nothing to say.
    Since the day they put on their add, that Sport cars have an italian name, I prefer to think they have a great sense of humor, bunch of loosers!!!
    The A8 looks good but not amazing.
    So, thank you for reading, I forgot a car which looked great too and I kinda fell in love and more affordable than the Vanquish, The SL55AMG, it really is a perfect blend of class and aggressivity!!!
    So, to sum up, if you only have one hour, go and see:
    The Maybach,
    the Cayenne,
    the Vanquish,
    the Bentley to forge yourself an opinion
    and the Zonda, it's worth it.
    Check also the Enzo to realize how ugly it is.
    The show was great, loved it, in terms of service, MB was way above the rest.
    Now, about me, I am moving today to the UK for at least 4 years and I've taken the sad decision to sell my C4C , so if anyone is interested, polar grey, metropole blue interior, sport exhaust with the switch, etc etc etc, 27000km
    Then I place the money and start saving for the AM or maybe SL55
    But don't worry, I still am and will be a great Porsche passionate. (Actually, couls also be a 996 Turbo X50 )
    Take care,
    I know, I suck, I didn't post pics, but I took some let me download them and then I'll send them to Christian.
    Au revoir!!!

    Re: Paris Motor Show review by Fanch

    Cool analysis thanks fanch .

    Re: Paris Motor Show review by Fanch

    In reply to:
    I saw Alexander Duwendag, and I talked to him about Rennteam, and yourself, he seemed ambarrassed, like sort off, yes, we know him and he's not suppose to know so much about our products, but he knew you allright

    I'm not supposed to know so much about their products? Well, I won't argue on this one. I guess nobody not working for them is not supposed to know that much. But a little info here, a little hint here and some guessing there...voila.
    I still think I don't know enough and sometimes I'm even wrong. But I try my best and all other people who join do their best too to keep the information flow high.

    I'm happy he knows us but he has no reason to feel embarassed. Instead, he should support us.
    But Duwendag is one of the "good guys" at Porsche, no doubt about it.

    So you did like the Cayenne? What about the interior? Is there so much plastic as one of our Users indicated? Or does it look classy?
    I'm happy to hear that your father went for the S 600. It is a great car and I guess he did the right choice.

    Regarding the pictures: wow, just can't wait to see them.
    Send them over, I do all the necessary adjustments. If you want a copyright notice, tell me what you want me to write on them. Thanks again in the name of all Users!

    Sorry to hear about the Enzo, maybe the visible screws and the somehow "cheap" interior are supposed to remember people of real race cars? I don't know, maybe this is part of the sales strategy? Or do I sound stupid now?

    Thanks again, Francois...great first hand analysis. I wish I could be in Paris right now.

    Re: Paris Motor Show review by Fanch

    would you like this one? Has perfect looks but is rather heavy and therefore lacking some performance...but it looks great !

    Interesting comments on the show in Paris, many thanks.

    Re: Paris Motor Show review by Fanch

    The cayenne interior is great IMO, simple, smart.
    Same kind of smartness than the SL, beautiful finish but it is true, just like the SL, some parts are made of plastic like the switches to control the temperature, etc.
    But all cars use painted plastic instead of aluminium, the Vanquish has a huge piece of aluminium painted plastic on the dashboard and it sill looks good actually, the whole 996 range uses a lot of plastic around the dashbordm and it looks alright.
    The Ferrari guy told me the finish of the interior was not their priority concerning the Enzo, hence, no stereo, lots of screws and the dashboard not properly aligned if you look closely.
    This is still totally unacceptable IMO.
    Christian, I am worried, I always thought my next car would be a Turbo and now I am hesitating between a Vanquish and an SL55, in my dreams off course, I'm not quite there yet
    Firstly, is it serious doctor? Have I sold my soul?
    Has anyone ever driven an SL55? We have a 500SL and it's ok, not amazing.
    Is it true the SL55 has gone from 476 to 500 stock now?
    How fast does it make it?
    Thanks for the feedback.


    In reply to:
    Christian, I am worried, I always thought my next car would be a Turbo and now I am hesitating between a Vanquish and an SL55, in my dreams off course, I'm not quite there yet
    Firstly, is it serious doctor? Have I sold my soul?
    Has anyone ever driven an SL55? We have a 500SL and it's ok, not amazing.
    Is it true the SL55 has gone from 476 to 500 stock now?
    How fast does it make it?

    The SL55 AMG looks great, no doubt about it.
    But I see SL55 at almost every corner over here in Germany, this would be one argument against it. However why should I lie to you: I almost ordered one a while ago because I wanted to drive one with my wife together and get rid of the 996 Turbo and her SLK. Why I didn't do that? Well, the SL55 is no real sports car due to it's weight and the treatment of the AMG Owner's Club made me think twice about buying such a car.
    Yes, the SL55 is powerful. Yes, the SL55 will outrun the 996 Turbo on the straight line up to 300 kph (if the SL55 has a higher limit of 300 kph instead of 250) and it may even outrun the GT2 up to 300 kph. Impressive? Well, not really.
    The SL55 has lots of power and exactly this is the reason why I got kicked out of the german AMG Owner's Club. I doubted the 476 HP power figure and I've been warned to shut up. After my kickout, AMG was probably forced (I really doubt they did it on their own initiative) to raise the power figure claim from 476 to 500 HP. Did the AMG Owner's Club ever apologize to me? Nahh.

    So it depends what you want: a real sports car or a nice GT Roadster with fabulous straight line performance and automatic transmission.

    My personal advise: testdrive both, if you have the chance.
    I'm sure you'll know what to buy then. And yes, you might want to go for X50 but there are other possibilities too if you have the money and if you're willing to compromise your warranty.

    Regarding Ferrari: it is funny. Most Ferrari owners I know are not satisfied with the quality or reliability. But all of them love their cars. I guess the emotional part plays a big role if you buy a Ferrari and I suppose most Ferrari buyers listen to the exhaust sound and don't look at the interior quality. You should have seen the interior quality on the first 996 back in 1998. I was shocked when I got my 996, cheapest plastic look. Now they've improved a lot, why not from the start???!

    My favorite, if money is no issue, is still the Lamborghini Murcielago. It outruns almost anything out there, it looks great and since Audi overtook, quality should be much better now. But I guess Lamborghini is not the best daily driver and it's reputation from the old days isn't necessarily the best.

    Re: Paris Motor Show review by Fanch

    thanks a lot for this nice report. now i have some hopes that the cayenne doesn't look too bad in reality
    ...but i have no hopes that BMW is gonna be cool again any time soon, thanks to mr bangles metallic origami

    cheers; zzboba

    btw: congrats to the S 600... would love to hear how this overland rocket in disguise performs.

    Re: Francois...

    Speaking of the Ferrari build quality, coming from 3 german sport cars in a row I was expecting to be disappointed in this respect, actually I can tell you that it came as a big surprise to find out that the interior of my 360 is very well put together.
    The materials are better on the Ferrari, there is a lot less plastic and more leather everywhere, the assembly is probably a step under the german perfection,it feels more "hand made", but it feels solid and there are no strange noises or vibrations.
    I guess some stereotypes should fall...

    Christian, I read somewhere that the guys at Lamborghini are a little preoccupied, because in recent tests the new V10 powered model was faster/or as fast as the Murcielago up to 230/250 kmh in a straight line.
    Given that it should carry a lot more speed in the bends due to less weight (300 kg) and superior agility we could be looking at a great performer...

    If the new "Baby Lambo"...

    ...will have the right price tag and will stand to it's rumored specs, it might be a winner. I saw some spy shots and I liked what I saw.

    Here's a picture of the Bentley Continental GT...a nice addition to the sports car world...very interesting engine but too heavy I guess.

    Thanks Christian

    You're right, the best thing to do is to test drive both of them.
    I mean, I just love open top driving, Italy was great this summer w the C4C
    You say the SL55AMG is faster then the 996Turbo in a straight line???
    That's not what the official numbers suggest.
    AMG claims 0 to 100kmh in 4.7secs and Porsche in 4.2secs.
    Are you sure of your statement?
    So the SL55AMG will do 300kmh? that's good enough for me.
    I have already booked a testdrive for the 13th of october.
    I will post my impressions.
    one other thing, I love music
    And whatever my next car is going to be, I feel I'm going to miss my beautiful sport exhaust.
    But I read in magazines that The AMG actually has a beautiful soundtrack, kinda big muscle car V8, is it true, anyone's heard it before?
    Thanks for the replies.
    PS: If anyone is in the UK, buy this week's autocar, great 0 to 100 to 0 contest, actually, I'll write down the results.
    I am just mentionning the cars that are worth of interest, forget about the track toys like the Caterham500 or uglies like the Mitsubishis
    1 Pagani Zonda C12S 11.84s
    2 Porsche 911 turbo X50 13.02s
    3 Lamborghini Murcielago 13.90s
    4 SL55AMG 15.15s
    5 TVR Tamora 15.20s
    6 Audi RS6 16.75s
    So, Congratulations to Porsche for beating the Murcielago!!!

    Re: Thanks Christian

    Straight line from 0-300 kph.
    And in real life, you won't be able to do 4.2 sec. in the Turbo with manual. It takes several tries to achieve a perfect time, in the SL55 you just have to press the throttle.
    From the factory, the SL55 AMG is limited to 250 kph.
    But it is possible to order a higher limit from AMG...up to 300 kph. The SL55 AMG actually does around 325 kph but due to it's aerodynamics and especially tires, AMG approves a top speed of 300 kph only (certain tire type needed). Even Mercedes Tuners are afraid to go much over that speed due to tire problems.
    The sound of the SL55 engine is great, I heard it at my dealer. But it isn't that impressive as some people who drove it suggest. If you want to hear a V8 muscle like sound, you have to go for a BMW Z8.

    Re: higher vmax limit

    does only AMG offer this service, or does merc offer this also for their non-AMG vehicles [e.g. S/CL 600] ?

    Re: Thanks Christian

    Great, the SL55 sounds great, this is good news!!!
    I suppose it is always possible to increase the noise with a different exhaust like the 996Turbo right?
    Thanks for all the info, I'm looking forward for the testdrive now!!!

    Re: higher vmax limit

    I've asked already for our S600L, not possible
    It can be done by a specialist but it breaks the warranty so forget it.
    our car will be delivered in three weeks
    I am looking forward to bash Modenas on the motorway

    Bashing Modenas

    Bashing a Modena with a SL55 will not be that easy!

    I once had a SL55 in front of me on the A3 close to Frankfurt Airport. Acceleration up to ca. 260kph was the same. We did not go faster due to the traffic situation.

    I still do not know how to interpret this occurence. Prior to that day I thought that the SL55 should be quicker on the straight line. Now I doubt it.

    Re: higher vmax limit

    You ordered the wrong Mercedes.
    THe higher VMax limit is officially approved only for the AMG model, means: S 55 AMG. It has the same power as the S 600 but it doesn't have the same torque and the suspension setup is more sporty. Also there is no "L" version of the S 55 AMG.
    For all AMG models, there is the possibility to raise the 250 speed limit. For the SL 55 AMG up to 300 kph, for the SLK 32 AMG up to 280 depends on the AMG model.
    This is only approved if it is done by AMG. If a dealer or a tuner does it, it isn't approved!

    Regarding the Modena: the SL55 AMG is about two seconds faster than the Modena from 0-200 kph. Some automatic transmission drivers don't know how to use the kickdown, this is nothing new. Or maybe he had a lot of extra weight, you never know. Some SL 55 AMG testcars were loaded up to full load capacity to test their ability to cope with that weight.
    From 0-260 kph, the SL55 AMG is even faster than the 996 Turbo and the 996 Turbo is 8 seconds(!) faster than the Modena from 0-260 kph.

    I guess it is time both for the Ferrari and Porsche to offer more power on their best selling performance models.
    Minimum 460 HP on the Modena and minimum 500 HP on the Turbo. Am I dreaming again?

    Re: higher vmax limit

    How do you use kickdown?
    Just in case I end up with an SL55 one day



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