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    Would anyone recommend the gallardo ??

    Hi guys ... I am in the market for a sports car. I have read many positive things in magazines about the gallardo .... they prefer it over the stradalle and the GT3, which is something to account for. I have never owned a lamborghini, never even driven one, but I have heard its a headache to look after them like the high maitenance costs; not to mention its high price tag, but you are paying for exclusivity as well as a 500hp lamborghini. I am not so sure about the looks as I haven't seen it in flesh yet, and some magazines refer to it as a tame supercar. Whenever I see a lamborghini my heart beats faster.
    Has anyone from rennteam driven it yet ? Have you guys heard any good news about it ? Or should I look elsewhere for a drivers car ?
    I have heard lambos have changed since they are owned by Audi ... but is it a car that will make me bankrupt ?? Please .. advice anyone ..


    Re: Would anyone recommend the gallardo ??

    Can't say much about the Gallardo, didn't see one and didn't drive one yet. But I met a guy with a Murcielago last friday and we had some time to talk.
    His car was a MY 2003 model and he was very very satisfied.
    OK, he had only 8000 km on it but he never had problems with the car and it runs like hell.
    The Gallardo should be a step further in quality because it is already the second Lamborghini developped by Audi and it is the first Lamborghini which has been FULLY developped by them. Unfortunately this shows a little bit (instrument cluster, exterior design and engine) but I still think that the Gallardo is a very impressive sports car at it's price tag.
    Sorry I can't help you more but the Gallardo is too new right now to tell more about it.

    The only thing you should worry about it resale value: if I look at Lamborghini prices of used cars here in Germany, I'm shocked. Not even near to Ferrari or Porsche.
    So maybe you want to buy a used Gallardo with not so much mileage to be sure your first Lamborghini doesn't end up as your worst nightmare.

    Re: Would anyone recommend the gallardo ??

    Every magazine that has test driven the Gallardo has raved about it. Your problem is going to be in finding one!

    Re: Would anyone recommend the gallardo ??

    Every magazine that has test driven the Gallardo has raved about it. Your problem is going to be in finding one!

    There one on the dupont registry, 25k above msrp though



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