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    Cayenne S vs. Toe-Rag V8

    I know most of you will say "Drive both and you'll know". But...

    Those of you who have driven both, what was your biggest problem with the Touareg? I have driven the Cayenne S and only sat inside the the Toe-Rag. Interior fit and finish seemed to be a wash on both vehicles, very similar quality. As for exterior, I think both are very close, my wife likes the "sexier" more bulbous lines of the Cayenne.

    If you leave the handling out of it, because clearly the Cayenne S outhandles the Touareg V8, does it still warrant a $15K-$20K USD premium pricetag?

    I would also tend to think that Porsche service will be much better than VW service. However, my VW dealership also has Bentleys, so... If you pay $350K for a car, you probably are not getting the standard VW service.

    Any other thoughts? I will NOT consider the upcoming VW V6 Cayenne. Not enough power.

    Re: Cayenne S vs. Toe-Rag V8

    Drove both twice. Trading in our MDX. IMO the Cayenne S is not worth the extra $$$ mainly because it's going to be my wife's car . If it were for me, I'd skip the S and go for the TT . Seriously, I think the Touareg looks better and, except for the two-tone interior (unless you get anthracite leather), the rest of the interior is quite a bit nicer than the Cayenne's. The Cayenne definitely handles better and feels lighter/more nimble at slower speeds. Also Porsche service is a big plus over VW service. The "luxury" segment is new to VW and they are definitely experiencing growing pains.

    04 c4sc

    Re: Cayenne S vs. Toe-Rag V8

    Rob, did you lower the air suspension? I have driven both as well too. It was hard for me to tell the difference powerwise but the Touareg feels like it has more grunt down low Handling has slightly better on the Cayenne S even with the Touareg's air suspension on low. Not much difference though. It's hard to determine at fairly low speeds.

    The way I look at it is, it's an SUV. It's purpose is to handle fairly well, but it doesn't need to be a GT3. I really like the V8 Touareg because you can get lots of goodies and power for the price of a base Cayenne S. The only reason why I'd buy the Cayenne in this match up is for the name, and perhaps the service. However, with my budget this is not an option.

    Re: Cayenne S vs. Toe-Rag V8

    yes I lowered the air susp on both. I think only the cayenne has variable assist steering, which my tester had, and this might have been the reason for the lighter feel at slower speeds. If you want a lot of great info on the treg check out the treg forum at VWvortex .

    Re: Cayenne S vs. Toe-Rag V8

    I read your inputs with interest. Sounds like you are correct in getting the T-Reg. If you cannot tell the difference then a Cayenne would be wasted on you.

    Good luck with your choice.



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