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    Repair tire or replace?

    My right rear tire has a leak in it, I just discovered. With other vehicles, I've had my local tire shop repair/patch it without any problems. The Porsche handbook says to replace the tire. What would you suggest? The tire has 6000 miles on it.

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    Do you know where the puncture is? Could it be a bent wheel that is slightly out of true?

    I would go with replacing it. True, I'm not driving 150 mph on the autobahn...but I'm nervous about a patch.

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    It's not the milage, it's the type of driving. If all your driving is at posted limits within the US, patching should be fine. If you use the car for track events or other high speed drving, replace the tire. You absolutely do not want tire failure at high speed!

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    connoisseur said:
    It's not the milage, it's the type of driving. If all your driving is at posted limits within the US, patching should be fine. If you use the car for track events or other high speed drving, replace the tire. You absolutely do not want tire failure at high speed!

    I agree

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    Agreed not absolutely necessary to replace unless you drive autobahn speeds for sustained intervals (on a track). On US highways there's gotta be millions and millions of patched tires and yet you don't see roadside carnage resulting from them being patched. It's mostly from drinking and inattention.

    Of course you are assuming the guys that patched the tire are smart enough to recognise damage that can be patched vs. damage that should NOT be patched.

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    I'd replace it.You never will trust it again and if you decide to 'go for it' and use all the performance you will worry. You can get tyre puncture/protection insurance for not much here in the UK so you get the money back.

    After all the tyre is the last thing between you and the hedge/wall...

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    Porsche hand book recommends replacement. Michelin says replace, not repair. I don't drive 150 or even 100 but I have had occasion to stop abruptly and yank the wheel to avoid disaster. My excellent reaction time, suspension, brakes and TIRES saved my life recently. A nail or screw
    creates a weak point in the system. Not gonna do it.
    Would you find it necessary to replace a stolen lug nut?
    After all ya got four more. Do what feels right for you.

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    i say repair the tyre. Better a tyre now than a tyre+wheel later......

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    I would replace it. I had the same dilemma: It happened to me a few weeks ago and I decided to replace it.

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    OK I will throw my 2 cents in. Giving that you have 6000 miles on the tire, if you replace it are you looking at replacing the other side as well? I'm not sure how much tire wear you have on the tire but with 6000 miles on it how long before you have to buy a new set? I would not want to have a new tire on one side and a tire on the other that is about worn out. Now again this depends on how your tires look. For me I would repair it but that is just me.

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    Look at the engineering. Consult a tire expert at Goodyear.

    They will probably say all their testing indicates a tire with a simple tread puncture that is properly plugged and patched will be absolutely reliable for USA highway speeds.

    Now when you go from 70-80 mph (usa typical) to 140+ (Autobahn and track) you may have merely doubled the speed but you've probably done something like SQUARED the forces. (That's the rule, anyway, in sailing: double windspeed square the force of that wind).

    My point: there's a world of difference between driving in the USA highways and driving at permissible autobahn speeds (180mph) therefore Porsche will NEVER recommend patching tires.

    My bet is no GM or Ford manual (yeeech, ewwww) warns against repair of a tire has damage that CAN be repaired.

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    At 6000 miles its half used anyway. Replace it and its mate.

    Re: Repair tire or replace?

    Decision to repair or replace also depends on where the puncture is. If the puncture is near the sidewall, you should replace. If the puncture is away from the sidewall, ie., near to the middle of the contact patch, then it is usually safe to repair.



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