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    Today the Cayenne took off in Germany...

    From Monday, first Cayenne go to customers in Germany.
    Today was the official sales start over here and a lot of people were invited for the official presentation.

    The music was a bit off-topic (even if interesting ), I actually expected some country music.

    On Friday next week, I'll have the Cayenne Turbo for the whole day to testdrive it. Unfortunately this car will have winter tires, don't expect any high speed pictures.
    But I try my best to sort out what the Cayenne Turbo is capable of and my dealer assured me that he has a good insurance.


    1) Was the launch at the head quarter or all over the Germany?

    2) How many Porsche dealerships exist in Germany?

    Re: RC...

    1. Launch was all over Germany (all official Porsche dealers)
    2. as far as I know, there are 85 officially certified dealers in Germany. No other dealers can sell Porsche cars right now.

    Here are more Cayenne pictures. One of the pictures should be highly interesting for you.

    Re: RC...

    Wow, me liky
    Is this the official Porsche baby seat?

    Re: Baby Seat

    If it is they have changed a lot. I have one and it looks nothing like this. This one looks much better actually.

    Re: RC...

    Yes, this is the "official" baby/child seat.

    We were a little bit disappointed with the luggage room. As you can clearly see on the picture, it doesn't provide as much space as on the ML. Bad news for us.

    Re: I have to say

    The Cayenne start to grow on me, but not to the point where I love it.. at least now I don't hate it

    I hope by seeing it in person will change my mind, The interior quality is very impressive! Its on par with X5 or even better. I can't believe how quickly German can company catch up the SUV market.

    Re: I have to say

    But if you are driving x5 no need or feeling to change.
    Comparing interior cayenne with x5 sport no doubt x5 is much
    nicer and better in quality also better seatposition. I would like to see cayenne next
    to x5 and ml on picture and I fully agree with the comments
    given by RC and looking forward for his testdrive on Friday

    Re: I have to say

    Re: I have to say

    In reply to:
    Comparing interior cayenne with x5 sport no doubt x5 is much nicer and better in quality also better seatposition.

    I don't think I can agree with that. The Cayenne has a very good interior quality, it surprised me how good it is.
    The interior of the Cayenne Turbo looks very stylish, it is actually one of the things I really like about the Cayenne.

    But no doubt, the X5 has a good quality interior too...especially when I compare it to the crappy interior of my ML55. But what the heck, I bought this thing for performance and luggage space, not for looks.

    Re: Luggage Area...

    I saw the Cayenne at the Paris motorshow and at that time I felt the luggage area was large enough. OK it's not huge but it seemed decent to me. I think with one baby it's big enough.

    When my 2 daughters were babies we had an A6 Avant (the old shape) and we had not problems to fit everything... I had the impression, the Cayenne's trunk was bigger than my current station wagon (A6 Avant)... May be I'm wrong or I love the Cayenne so much that I'm not partial

    Re: Luggage Area...

    My apologies !!!!! for the typo

    You should read: I love the Cayenne so much, I'm partial....

    Re: nice comparison

    I think the best color for the Cayenne is the steel gray. In the picture, The Turbo look so much better than the S.

    I am still happy with the X5 for now....

    Re: Cayenne colors....

    You're right William, the Turbo looks very nice in "Titanium Grey" ..... but I quite like the S in "dark teal" (dark green)....

    Metallic paints are another great way for car makers to improve margins substantially. The extra cost for the car maker to use a metallic paint is around US$ 10-15 per car ...... and Porsche is charging the customer US$ 495 ....

    I would be curious to know how many Cayenne S will be sold with the "regular" colors. My guess is less than 5%



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