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    Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    well after i bought my 997 i ordered the telephone module and the cd changer.
    I gave some cash in advance and then i waited. Now they ve come and they told me i should of wait 10 days for the instalations instuctions to come, because its a new model and they dont know the procedure the sum will be around 2,000 Euro.
    So today they called me and they said to me that i should get them my car there to check if it has optic fibres installed.If it already has they will proceed with instalation,if not they will order the optic fibres.Ok until now but after that they told me that the fibres will cost another 750,00 Euros !!!! Isnt that amazing?well to me it is.
    Moreover, what do you think about giving my car as the first to install the telephone module and the cd-changer?
    I mean they will learn the procedure in my car?
    There is another last issue also. Cars equiped with factory Nav they come with the front truck compartment for the Nav, the Cd changer and the first aid box. Cars without-like mine they come without the compartment. Should i install such a compartment or leave the cd-changer exposes in the trunk just like in the 996's?

    Thanx for your input

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    I can't imagine an extra 750 euros??? or 2000 euros for the install. I can order the GSM phone module & optical cable for under $1200. I think the install time is 4.5 hrs. The CD changer install should be under 1 hour I think. Also, Doesn't every 997 & 997S have a fiber optic MOST system in it already since they all use PCM 2.1??? The pricing seems highly suspicious. I know you can get the Technical Service Bulletin for the NAv install at I haven't seen a US TSB for the phone module install, but I bet there is one for Europe.

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    ANTHONY THANX FOR THE INPUT. I must say that 2000 euros s not only for instalations. it is for:

    cd changer
    telephone module
    and instalation

    so it includes the equipment but it is still too much

    2100 Euros? come on

    Plus what is that trick with the "lets see if the car has fibres otherwise its 750Euros more"

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    2000 euros for the whole deal is not real bad. I think te best pricing on the parts I could find in US would be about $1600. I realize the euro is very strong now, so $1000 additional for an install seems very high. That would be over 10 hours at my dealer. I would get the TSB for Europe & then tell them you won't pay more than the appropriate labor rate. I can't see how you have to pay for them to learn, they should charge the same number of hours labor in Greece as in the US or Germany. Although, the $/hr may be different.

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    what is really this TSB i dont kow what you are refering to. is there a price list for equipment or for installation also?

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    TSB = Technical Service Bulletin. These are instructions for the dealers on how to deal with an issue or an installation of additional equipment. Usually for things that weren't known at the time they produced the shop manuals.

    Most of the TSB you can find on just a while after they have been published. However, you have to register and pay a small fee in order to be able to see them. But it's well worth it.

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    how can i find that one for free?

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    The ones you are looking have not been published there yet.
    Sorry, don't know any other sources.

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    The Optical Waveguides for cd and phone needed are dependant upon how the vehicle is equiped. ie Bose, cd, etc and are extra items needed to be purchased.

    CD changer CDC-4 (1 x) installed 90 TU Includes: Installing the CD changer, routing the optical waveguide in the luggage compartment and coding the PCM with the PIWIS Tester. Without: Retrofitting the luggage compartment plastic lining.
    Phone Module is 460 TU to install

    In total looks to be 550 TU..but combined should be less since some of the install operations will be overlaping, but I don't believe thats how the techs will see it.. thats bonus time

    Re: Telephone on PCM and CD Changer

    thanz for the input guys but i still believe they should of been able to tell me the cost without needing one day to figure out if my car has already optic fibres!
    Plus Porsche is advertising that telephone module and nav and cd-changer are ready to be installed



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