I don't think this track is up to the task yet, but hey money is money. The sand in the track is ridiculous, the mashalls are novices, etc.

Ferrari has got the 1st and 2nd at the grid tomorrow but Williams showed to be faster in the 1st intermediate while Ferrari faster at the 3rd.
Ferrari is getting all the lucky breaks so far regarding their bridgestones; cold track at autralia, colder than usual at malasia, and now, 40% chance of rain tomorrow

Kimi's luck on the other hand is ridiculous, I feel so sorry for this youngster. His engine blew in training so now he has to start 10 places behind his qualifying time so he didn't even bother going out and doing the qualifying lap. They will probably opt for a two pit-stop strategy... I guess they are really desperate.

The other youngster, Alonso, didn't have any luck either. He had mechanical problem in his brake system in the qualifying lap and his inner (right) front wheel froze right at the start so trying to make the best of his lack of braking he ran out of the track twince and finished 3 seconds behind. But Alonso starting from the back of the grid is always a show, his launches are unique and I'll be counting how many drivers he manages to overtake before the first corner unfortunately his renault is very underpowered for such a fast track and with one of the lowest top speeds in the line-up.

At least this GP looks to be very unpredictable due to the sand causing engine problems, tire blows, and we can expect to see some of the drivers going off the track into the desert during the race, maybe some of the favorites (like Montoya ). And also it may rain too