Here is a question and hypothetical situation for you...

Suppose I had just special ordered a C32 AMG Sportscoupe (European Spec). What could I add to it from the special wishes department of AMG?

- LS Differential?
- ECU modifications to the Transmission?
- "Nurburgring" Suspension Upgrade (What is this by the way? - I have heard your wife's SLK32 AMG has it on it.)
- Wheels?
- Special Exterior Paint?
- Special Interior Leather Colors and Trim (Aluminum, Carbon)
- Did I miss anything?

Lastly, how much (EUROs) would this car cost and how much are the mods usually. The reason I am asking is that I just want to blow my mind about all the wonderful things you people in Europe are able to do to your AMG Mercedes that we Americans can only drool about! I hope that one day we can pressure Mercedes into allowing all special AMG cars and modifications to be allowed for the US market.

If you haven't noticed by now...I have fallen in love with the C32 AMG Sportscoupe. I only wish there was more pictures available on the Mercedes AMG website to enjoy. They only have one or two pictures but are of obscured angles. Also, I wish they would release some kind of literautre about this car as well. Would make great reading (or is that dreaming )!