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    A question to those who have real track experience

    I thought if you want to drift and doing tricks like donut, you need to have limited-slip differential.

    However, I have seen lots of video of the Boxsters doing drifting, donut, and even leaving two solid tire trials when doing burnout!

    Since the Boxster, Cayman, and even the regular US-spec 911 don't come with LSD, what exactly will I miss? If the chassis is good, what will I miss with the open diff?


    Re: A question to those who have real track experi

    Those manouvres you are referring require braking loose the traction on the driven (rear) axle. An open differential will route power to the wheel with less resistance, therefore once one single tire lost traction it will most likely continue spinning. However, if you manage to spin both driven wheels simultaneously, you will get the car into a controlled, power-modulated drift depending on power, traction and manouvre. The later is the crucial element, since you can set up a car for a drift in different ways, both deliberate or unintendend. The limited-slip differential enables you to modulate drift (time and angle) via throttle input since it diverts a defined amount of power to both driven wheels of one axle.

    You will most likely discover the lack of a limited-slip diff. when driving on curvy roads or tracks at a high pace and/or throttle input. The other situation would be driving in slippery conditions (e.g. snow, ice) with a huge difference in traction between those driven wheels on one axle.

    If this is your first sportscar and you intend to keep it for a predicted time, invest some money in driver training and don't bother about the missing option. Just my 02 cents, I wouldn't care.

    Re: A question to those who have real track experience

    What kind of track work do you intend to do?

    For drifting and the like the Boxster is probably not a very good choice. However, for DE's/Club Racing etc. the Boxster works very well. It's weight distribution and large rear wheel footpring (relative to it's weight and rear wheel torque) allow it to put the power down very well on the track (in the dry).

    Re: A question to those who have real track experience

    Ray S (Chicago) said:
    What kind of track work do you intend to do?

    Same question came to me mind when I read this thread.
    For "normal" track (ab)use you won't really miss the LSD unless you're on a Mickey Mouse circuit with lots of very tight corners/hairpins.

    I've no problems to trigger a drift with the Boxster, but that's just for fun - if you want to participate in drift competitions, there will be better/specially prepped cars for this purpose.

    On public roads IMO the missing LSD is a disadvantage only on hairpins, especially uphill on steep alpine roads.



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