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    An article I read at Autoweek

    For the GT3 owner with everything

    We're told that 40th anniversary Porsche 911 we mentioned will be a special version of the race-bred GT3. Like its predecessor, the 30th anniversary Carrera 4S, the commemorative GT3 RS will come in white with blue or red striping. Look for Porsche to offer 200 copies starting later this year.

    That was the article but I ask is this the same car people have been posting about recently? I wonder if Porsche will make this a no-frills street legal car?

    Re: An article I read at Autoweek

    No US cars...

    Re: An article I read at Autoweek

    I currently have a GT2 and it's my second one. I have owned the 964 Turbo, 993 Turbo and 996 turbo. I have driven many GT3's and would never consider trading my GT2 for a GT3. However I recently ordered a GT3 RS in Germany and was assured by a Factory person that I would get one . He also indicated there would be less than 200 world wide and if you can believe this, only 20 for the German market. Cost will be something around 150,000 Euro. If its anything close to a GT3 Cup car or GT3 RS(race car) with license plates (which I hope) then this is the only Porsche I would get rid of my current car for. The car will be introduced at the Frankfurt auto show in September and released in the early part of 2004. And I got that from a Factory employee. If its just a GT3 with some special paint, I will be really disapointed. But the info I have says that won't be dissapointed

    Re: An article I read at Autoweek

    I ordered a GT3 RS for 127.000 Euro. I had to write a "nice" letter (together with my Porsche dealer and a sales manager of Porsche Germany) to the CEO of Porsche Deutschland GmbH. No confirmation to date.

    150.000 Euro - is this affirmed?


    Re: An article I read at Autoweek

    According to an article in the UK-based Porsche World magazine, the GT3 RS will be a GT3 that weighs 100 kg less. No changes in drive train. There will be a plastic rear window like the Cup cars, no power windows, no A/C, and a stripped interior, probably similar to the previous RS models. The only color is white and you can get either blue or red wheels with matching body script. 200 cars to be built for this fall with 10 going to the UK. No mention of any cars for the US. UK dealers are taking deposits but Porsche GB has not confirmed availability.


    Re: An article I read at Autoweek

    Hi guys!Sorry I've been silent for the last couple months but I had to travel conspicuously...
    First off: I cancelled my order for the Stradale!
    For a very simple reason, I don't want my sports car to be without a clutch.I love the car, and praise Ferrari for the way they made it, but after long thoughts I came up with the conclusion that, to me, being able to do my own shifts is just so important in order to build a connection with my sports car.

    Sooo.......I ordered a 996 GT3 RS Limited Edition!
    Info concerning the car are not easy to find, what is sure is that it will be between 70-100 kg lighter than the new GT3, the Ceo of Porsche Italia alrready has pictures of the car and a person I know was able to take a peek at them: the exterior is different from the GT3's, it's more similar to the RS race car with bigger front spoiler larger wheelarches and a huge carbonfibre rear spoiler like the race car's.The engine and transmission should remain unchanged, although rumors of a couple more horses were also around...
    Only 200 will be built and price is roughly 125000 Euros, 18 cars are coming to Italy, and to very few dealers.
    Production will start after the summer vacation and end before the end of the year.Cars will be delivered starting October through December.I was also told that the chassis is based on the Cup version, so it is far more rigid and quite lighter.
    As soon as I have more infos I'll share...
    Nice to be back with you guys!

    Re: good to hear...

    ...from you luigi!

    although i am a little disappointed-- because i was quite curious about your first stradale reportings... but i can understand your decision -- the F1 gearbox was the main reason i decided to wait for the modena successor and not to go for the C.S.

    but the RS street is a different story! wow, that car... hmmm-- you make me think!

    cheers; zz

    Ciao Luigi!

    Welcome back my man!
    Good choice on your car although either way, very radical
    But knowing your car history, I'm not surprised!
    Take care,

    Re: An article I read at Autoweek

    Luigi - I also love connection to a car that the clutch brings (otherwise, it becomes more like a video game for me). I agree with your decision, but I'm sorry for Ferrari's decision not to offer a regular 6spd on the Enzo and Stradale. I wish I could have ordered a GT3RS here in the US - I'll have to make due with the regular GT3 (at least we get that this time).


    Here's the GT Purely Porsche article on the RS

    Hosted by Fixed Wing:

    Re: An article I read at Autoweek


    I think you have made a good decision. I recently sold a 2002 BMW M3 SMG for exactly the same reason. As good a car as it is, and it is a very good street car, I just never got connected to that car the way I with my 996 C2, 6 spd. I have not regretted selling it once and now can't wait for delivery of my GT3 next month.

    You also should save a few Euro's on the purchase price over the Stradale




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