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    RC's favorite American SUV

    This is an interesting story.

    General Motors was busy celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company's North Hollywood Advanced Design Center last night (Nov. 16), even going so far as to unveil the Cadillac Urban Concept to mark the occasion. While the futuristic-looking concept is interesting enough in its own right, GM apparently forgot to remove what was on the wall behind the design study. Look close, and you'll see one big, hulking SUV the likes of which we've never seen before. Could this be our first look at the next-generation Cadillac Escalade? It's entirely possible.






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    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

    No that background car is one of those crossovers i think we may see in this very body.. CVX or something i think.


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

     I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it doesn't look half bad, there's potential on that design course to turn out a good looking escalade.

    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

    While I really like the current Escalde...honestly, I do...I'm not sure I like the concept in the photos posted. It looks...weird. The Escalade could have been a wonderful SUV, even for other markets if GM would have tried harder. Especially the plastic interior and the not very sporty chassis are hard to swallow and of course I would never pay 90000 EUR for an Escalade, the prices in Europe were/are way too high.


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    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

    Purely a personal view - but that design is a monster. Not my taste at all.


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    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

    American cars...

    I quite like 2011 Grand Cherokee,with a HEMI it will be awesome,BUT interior is horrible as usual


    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

    It does have potential, especially the back even though it kinda has a hearse feel, it has to lose those white metal strips on the hood. (it looks similar to the ford vehicle with a chop top)

    What ever happened to the Cadillac show car from a couple years back that was gold and resembled a gallardo?

    Re: RC's favorite American SUV


    Purely a personal view - but that design is a monster. Not my taste at all.

    You're too polite easy.


    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

     Other cadillac prototypes - too bad they are not making these;


    cien - 2003







    cadillac 16 - built 1 and it was a piece of art


    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

    I like that "Cien" one!

    I know a designer who worked on the CTS concept when it came out.  I think that was the first of GM's "art and science" designs.  Back then I hated it, but wouldn't tell him that - but it only took a year or so to grow on me.

    That Cien is a great looking car.  Too bad they didn't build it back then, they could have made a real mark with it.

    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

     To me that GM SUV Concept looks like one of those funeral cars that carry the coffin on the back 


    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

    The car looks great, as well as RacerX pictures of the prototype. Always been a fan of the Escalade, but you need to have the space of American roads for it!

    Re: RC's favorite American SUV

    If they make that, it'll sell like hotcakes here in America.

    American consumer tasty are wildly different than the rest of the world.

    And although give the SUV nomiclature, Escalades rarely see anything worse than a fire trail and are not at all equipped to handle off-roading like say a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Range Rover would.

    UPDATE: We're told that this is in no way the next Escalade. Instead, the vehicle you see above is just one of many designs that the Advanced Design Center showed off as part of its portfolio of recent work. That means that we won't be seeing this machine on the road any time soon.


    ...the only thing stopping you in all likelihood, is you!



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