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    What Car Polish do u use???

    just polished my Box today after months of ownership. back to showroom condit.

    It began to loose its glasslike "feel" when I run my fingers round my car, so It hoguht its time to polish it.

    I used to use Autoglym Resin Polish and Extra Gloss protection.
    but I couldnt find the bottles, so I used a BMW wax polish I got as a gift from my old Mini S.

    worked great. easy to polish off. also smelt like shower gel...

    So guys, tell us your experience with polishes and how often u do it.

    I have a Speed Yellow Box btw.

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    I have used a BMW cutting polish , they gave it to me on a visit about a scratch amd it was awesome stuff . With it they removed a nasty one on my front end ..


    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    Zymol, zymol, and zymol......non abrasive, and wonderful smell and finish

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    No, no, no! You can polish and wax as much as you like but you'll never get a mirror smooth finish without claying the paintwork first. Clay, deep cleanse, polish then wax. Zymol is good but expensive and needs devotion. Swissol needs similar commitment - but is cheaper. For all round value for money and ease of application, try the Meguiars range. But clay first!

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    I use P21S caranuba wax. This is by far the best product I've ever used and it is very easy to apply.

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    But wax is only the final stage; it seals in what has been done during the preparation stages. Wax does not provide the glass smooth feel unless the contaminants marring the surface are addressed. However P21S has a great reputation as a top coat.

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    Where do you get this P21S wax?

    And is claying as simple as it sounds?



    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    why do u need clay if ur car is only couple of months old?

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???


    This is where I get the P21S stuff The Polishing Company . They do a great P21S kit for Pounds49.99 which includes an excellent alloy wheel cleaning product, shampoo, carnuba wax and a couple of other things. It's great value when you look at how much it would cost you to buy the items separately and the case they are stored in is good quality as well and keeps everything tidy.

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    I always clay a car from new; it ensures that all the residual protective transit wax applied by the manufacturer is removed and prepares the surface properly for subsequent product application. It's the foundations on which you build that improve the quality of the final structure!

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    Claying is reasonably easy to do. I agree with journeyman, but have not found i needed to with mine. I have HD-cleansed, and the mirror finish is already there. Mind you the car is only 2 months old. I will probably clay the car at the end of teh summer, to prepare it for the winter.

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    ok, i sold.
    so what clay products do u recommend???

    are Autoglym products any good?
    cos its easier to find here in Oz

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    I'm a real Zymol fan, but always game to try something else.

    I gave half my Rejex purchase away, but i have to say that on the insides of the alloys it does seem to create a long lasting barrier that makes weekly washing easy.

    I hated iton the paintwork- the water didn't bead like Zymol even when the Rejex was fresh on - it lasted a week on the bodywork, before revertingback to good ole Zymol.

    However, Zymol requires commitment and dedication - no problem for a Porsche owner

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    where is a cheap online shop to buy Zymol products??

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    Its expensive in the UK - i've bought from in the US.

    Excellent sertvice, but then i did a group buy for another forum, and the shipping / impoort costs were shared. Acheievd about 35% discount compared to UK prices, even after the shipping and impoort taxes

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    Porsche US club have authorised? a new Zymol wax after years of research @ about Euro 140 a tub, you take a nugget out let it melt in your hand & caress it into your car with your hand about 2 feet radius at a time!!! then buff out. Comments?? I know what my girlfriend would say! I'll stick to Maguires.

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???


    Have used them all at one time or another. The very best is Zaino Bros. Products. -

    It is easy to use, provides true UV protection for your paint, gives a Gloss and Finish like NO other, and protects as well or better than anything else on the Market.

    It has consistently outperformed ALL other products out there in Independent Testing. see -

    I have been using it the past 8 years. Switched from Zymol, which is very good, but not AS good as Zaino and much more $$$.

    Everyone I have ever referred to Zaino raves about it and I know of NO ONE who has used it and switched back to anything else.

    Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    What about Rejex Jim? I have heard a lot of people rave about this product. Have you tried it and how does it compare to Zaino; Zaino recommends that you apply a number of different coats with different products to achieve the desired result. Is rejex as good?

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???

    Here is my evaluation from Ferrarichat of Rejex:
    I think it's a decent product, but there are at least two or three other products I like better. Really popular product on Porsche forums, but not sure it ever really caught on with detailing Aficionados. In some ways it's similar to that product from a long time ago called Liquid Glass. Car waxes and sealants are SO subjective. There are plenty of categories to way like durability, slickness, depth of finish, reflectivity, wetness of the look, ease of use, etc. I always tell people to use what they like.

    In any case, the key to a great looking finish is never the wax or sealant you use. It's the preparation you do through claying, polishing, glazing, etc. Once that is done, the wax or sealant is just icing.

    If you don't want to rewax that often, then I would definitely go with a synthetic like Klasse, Zaino, Rejex, etc. I use Klasse, Zaino, and one other less durable product for the weekend car that doesn't require as much durability.

    - J

    Re: What Car Polish do u use???


    Rejex is OK, but Zaino is the one. The variety of products is merely there for as intense as you wanna get. You use the Z1 Pre-Lok 1st, not even letting it dry, you follow with Z5 (w/ fillers if heavily scratched) or Z2. The multi-layers add depth and gloss to the shine. Check out their website -

    I have used Zaino exclusively on my Lotus Esprit the past 8 years. I've tried them ALL and nothing beats Zaino. Everyone I have ever referred raves about it. I only know of one person who switched back and I believe he simply didn't use it properly. It is the best - Hands Down. Check the link in my earliewr post for one of many Independent Tests on the stuff, it beat the $144 Zymol NSX (the author's favorite) Hands Down!

    Happy Motoring!... Jim'99



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