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    Oil change time...

    It was done after break in...before I bought the car...and now 16 months later and 5k miles and some track much does the dealer charge for an oil change and if I do it myself what tools will I need to buy?...Is it as simple as a filter/ gasket and oil? I would prefer doing it myself...just don't trust those B mechanics in any shop.

    MMMM...maybe I should use that gift cert they sent me!

    $100 off $200 service/ purchase........

    Re: MMMM...maybe I should use that gift cert they sent me!

    yep, i have no idea about this certificates, but sounds good. and if you do not know what tools to use and how to do it, i dunno if "do it yourself" is any better than the mechanic at porsche . IMHO they do a good job, at least over here in germany [got my car back yesterday from the '2 years' inspection and it is now performing nicer than ever]

    Re: Oil change time...

    Don't do the oil change yourself, it doesn't make sense.
    If you drive your car less than 6000 mls per year, you should change oil once a year. Also if you track race your car, changing oil every 3000 mls (or even less) might be a good idea too. Tuned 996 Turbo should get an oil change every 2000 mls (incl. gearbox/differential oil change)...enhancing the lifespan of the engine and drivetrain.

    What's the pleasure in changing oil? Let the mechanic do that, give him a good tip and let him be happy too.

    Re: Oil change time...

    I agree with RC on doing it frequently but not on whether or not it makes sense to do it yourself. That's really up to you. Are you the type of person that enjoys doing this sort of thing yourself? And do you feel comfortable with it??

    I'll add one caveat to RC's comments, if something goes wrong and you did it yourself then you might be the one to get the blame for it. If you never touched it then that shouldn't happen. Dropping your oil can be a very big deal for a whole bunch of reasons.

    Personally, I let the dealer do all of the scheduled maintenance. I do all of the extra oil changes myself. I started when the dealer refused to drain the oil before 20,000 km because he didn't want to remove that 'special break-in oil'.

    In Europe the dealers don't tend to gouge the customer quite as much (yes, it is expensive but it is all tax). In North America there is more incentive to change your own oil as the dealers really like to profit from this service.

    If you do it yourself use the right oil and use the factory filter. Make sure you keep the receipts for everything. There are four separate drain points plus the filter. You need a special tool for the filter, turkey baser and a torque wrench. How to do it and where to get the oil has been discussed before on many forums so it should be easy to find info.




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