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    How much Carbon is too much?

    final order going in tomorrow. speed yellow TTCab, black interior. thinking of ordering every carbon option. yellow stiching, seat backs. is this too much>> opinions please guys!!!!!!

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    IMO, good choice for a yellow TT cab. but you will be near the price of a 997 GT2 when you total it up!
    Have you asked Porsche Exclusive if they can do the interior door and seat releases in carbon? Door triggers will come std silver otherwise, I believe.

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?


    Sounds sweet!!!

    I didn't order carbon for mine b/c I was concerned about it being too hot, especially in a cab. I just have the carbon on the engine ( X51).

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    I find yellow to be a terrible color, "it screams look at me! I need attention!" not to mention that it attracts flies. Any color other than red and yellow, please.

    and while your at it spend all that $$ and get a a GT2/3

    p.s. any cabon is too much carbon unless its tastefully painted.

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    I think carbon is great! Especially in a black interior. (carbon in lighter color interiors makes them look too jazzed up).

    Reason I like it? It's the latest fantastic technology so why not surround yourself with it, in a tasteful and even non-functional manner, especially if it looks aesthetically pleasing?

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    I think that any carbon fiber piece that is merely cosmetic and not functional is tacky. If it's not furthering the goal of weight reduction then skip it, imho.

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    No such thing as "too much Carbon" - weight reduction only matters in a track car - those who think it's tacky; go back to the old school and buy a Lexus!

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    hmmm, don't know what tacky means exactly. I love the looks of CFRP, somewhere in the back of my head, I would always have this little voice telling me that it is only glass fibre covered with a layer of CF. So, I think I would only spec it to break the black interior on some strategic chosen spots.

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    Nugget said:
    I think that any carbon fiber piece that is merely cosmetic and not functional is tacky.

    Would be interesting to figure out a way to add up how many _stock_ or "must have" features of our cars are merely cosmetic and therefore tacky. Would be possible to put alu trim, 19s, quads, leather stitching, SC, in that category? See? There's no solution except: Get what you want in your car.

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    You can't have too much carbon, I just want to lick it Yum Yum Yum.


    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    Yes, too much carbon. Too much of everything. I'd tone it down.

    Re: How much Carbon is too much?

    a yellow TT Cab is a extraordinary car. Full Carbon and that yellow stitching suits it best!

    Great choice - cant wait to see the pictures!



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