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    Introduce myself..


    I'm new here..and thought I'd introduce myself..

    My name is Mark, I'm Scottish, but live and work in The Netherlands. I absolutely love Porsches.. but am currently between models because I've just started a family.

    I sold my 1987 911 Carrera Sport Coupe about a year and half ago for a prodrive modified Subaru Impreza Turbo.. and started to miss it almost instantly. Now, because I have to act all proper and grow-up I have two Saabs.

    One for business and one for fun. Both highly modified Abbott Motorsport versions.. the 9000 being particular fun, because no one expects 270Horsepower from such a car and it's handling and braking have been extensively modified to match.

    I really want to get back to Porsche ownership as soon as possible though... and perhaps in a few years I'll be the proud owner of a 964RS or a 993.. we'll see.

    One of my other loves is The Nurburgring.. I've been lapping there in various cars for the last 3 years and love it.. I've already been down there 3 times this year.. and hope to make quite a few more trips during the summer/autumn.. so perhaps I'll see some of you there.

    I've got a few pictures of my old 911.. here :

    Welcome Mark!! (NM)


    Re: Welcome Mark!! (NM)

    Hi Mark

    I saw the pictures on your site off the Porsche only track day at Zantvoort
    I was there also that day with my 993.
    I had to look at the slalom tropy I won so see that is was september 1999


    Re: Welcome Mark!! (NM)

    Hi!.. it's a small world!

    That was a fantastic day.. did you also go to the day a month later?

    Where it rained in the morning?.. that was also an excellent day!..

    What were you driving ?

    Re: Welcome Mark!! (NM)

    I did not go one month later
    I was driving a 993 at that time
    I remember is was a lovely day in September and I had my 993 for 3 days with new tyres and I set my slalom time in the morning when it was not to hot to have a lot off grip


    Re: Introduce myself..

    I understand the "family thing" too well.

    Some of our Users are pretty often on the Nordschleife, maybe you make some friends here. Enjoy.

    Re: Introduce myself..

    Hi Mark...another welcome from the US! It really must have hurt to have given up that beautiful Carrera....but I'm sure there will be another in the future. Good luck!

    Re: Introduce myself..

    Thanks everyone for a lovely welcome.

    I've got loads of posts on this excellent board to read through now...see you!

    Re: Introduce myself..

    Welcome to the forums!

    Re: Introduce myself..

    Welcome aboard with Texan's hospitality from Houston

    This is a great forum.

    Scotland tips?

    Welcome aboard Mark,
    This is simply the best forum on Porsches!
    You'll love it!
    I am going to live in Aberdeen for two years in a few months, any recommandations?

    Re: Scotland tips?


    what are you going to do in aberdeen? university?

    i visited scotland once -- edinburgh some years ago for business reasons, it's really a nice place. very green, very relaxing... but raining a lot. and st andrews should be worth a visit if you are into golfing (and they let you in ). and there should be some car nuts around: the guy i was visiting (boss of the games company who created the "grand theft auto" series) drove me around in his purple special edition diablo, like the one from the jamiroquai video "cosmic girl".

    since then i am a car nut myself. well, i was before. but that experience made it even worse

    Re: Scotland tips?

    Goign there for work, two years transfer. I work in the energy industry, and that involves a lot of travelling, next stop should be Houston for another two years.
    I know Aberdeen a little but not too much. Close to Edimburhg which is a good thing. I don't play golf but I'll start .
    Nice mountaineeting too I've heard. And I will carry on playing rugby of course!
    As for cars, well, I saw loads of sports cars but the roads are bad and the police is very strict. So I'll problably go for an SUV actually (and keep the C4C in France).
    Don't know which one yet but definitly not a sporty one as I think it is nonsense. I don't have a family of my own yet, so if I want a fast car, I get a real sports car. Problably something like a Volvo XC90, maybe a Touareg or the new Land Cruiser. And it will probably be a Diesel as I intend to use as an A to B car really with a bit of mountaineering, so 25L/100km on average is not really my cup of tea.

    Re: Scotland tips?

    I've got two comments:

    I for one would recommend taking the Porsche.. the West Coast of Scotland has some unbelievable driving roads.. mostly deserted and very there is a good Porsche dealership in Edinburgh (i've used it previously for work on mine.. and was very pleased with them) to look after your baby.

    Also, the weather doesn't usually degenerate in to a lot of snow anymore in the central belt of Scotland.. so a 4x4 SUV would be overkill, plus your cabrio has 4 wheel drive anyway !



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