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    997 generation 2 Targa4s

    I am considering getting a 2 year old targa 4 s as above and I know this is the unloved sibling of a proud family , so as  to coin a phrase

    Personally I like it but not many dealers know much about it as it is not that common on the forecourt 

    What I would like to ask

    1 Have there been any recognized problems not ironed out as best as can be ---eg like IMS in gen 1 997

    2 Is the depreciation that great / or very good --it being a niche product

    3 Is the 991 carerra that much better I shoud wait one year before getting that as in one year it will costthe same as the targa 4 s of today

    And yes it will not be brand new as Age has taught me some valuable albeit painful lessons

    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    In my very superficial opinion, wait for the 991 and dont take such a huge hit. But that's just me.

    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    I like 997 better that 991. I drove targa 4s for the last 5.5 years, a great car. The roof squicks while driving. Other than that-a fantastic 911 variant. If you can get a good deal-go for it!

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    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    I also really like the looks of the 997 Targa. I've had a 993 Targa and the roof was quiet unless you drove over a speed bump or something. I had the 993 Targa when it was 13 years old, so I would not worry too much about the roof mechanism, it's solid.


    2012 Cayenne S White/Espresso 

    Ex: 993 Targa, 986S, 986 and 964 C2

    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    From a technical and performance point of view, I would get the 991.

    If you can get an amazing deal on a used 997.2 Targa and by amazing I mean truly amazing since depreciation will be huge, go for it. The 997.2 Targa is a pretty reliable car and I don't see any major issues. I would however buy my newer Porsches only from an official Porsche dealer because of the used car warranty, which can be very valuable. This warranty also makes sure that the goodwill warranty from Porsche, which can be valid up to 5 years or even more, depending on the issue at hand, is still valid. Many people buy three or four year old Porsche from private persons and are surprised that after a short while, they have a serious engine or gearbox problem but Porsche isn't willing to pay a cent because the warranty has expired and the car hasn't been serviced at an official dealership afterwards. Don't forget that the goodwill warranty is a goodwill, something Porsche will only honor if the car has been serviced and repaired properly. You can be lucky and everything works out fine for you but especially with Porsche cars, you shouldn't forget about the cost factor and of course safety. Some independent dealers tend to use so called OEM parts which are actually not OEM parts but OEM copy parts, making the car unsafe. It can work, it can go wrong but I always wonder how people can pay 100k for a car but then start saving money on maintenance and repairs, this just doesn't make any sense. There are of course many serious independent dealers out there but you should ask around because many look just fine but they aren't. Cheap also doesn't mean good, same the other way around. Nobody can get cheaper OEM parts from a "special source", these are usually not OEM parts but OEM-like parts. Careful, there is a huge market for false OEM parts right now, especially for Porsche cars.


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    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    Go with a reliable Porsche dealer supplied car but ignore everything that anyone tells you about the financial  merits of any particular model, age or mileage.

    You get what you pay for and if you're looking for an investment,buia stock portfolio rather than a car - any car.

    If you're looking for your dream car, trust yourself and yourself alone unless someone here is sharing your dreams?.  The 997 Targa is truly beautiful and you cannot go wrong with a well priced one - the older and higher mileage ones will cost less of course.  You get what you pay for.

    I think the 997 targa was perfect - the profile is almost identical to the coupe but it is so airy it's fantastic.

    What are you waiting for?


    Porsche Carrera GTS (2012); Porsche Cayenne Diesel (2012)

    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    I can recommend the Targa 4s. I bought it used 1.5 years ago when it was 1 year old and haven't had any issues with it. Took it out of winter storage this morning. Happy to have 'er back! Cheers and good luck with your choice.

    Targa 4S 2009.jpg

    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    the Porschefather:

    I can recommend the Targa 4s. I bought it used 1.5 years ago when it was 1 year old and haven't had any issues with it. Took it out of winter storage this morning. Happy to have 'er back! Cheers and good luck with your choice.


    taking mine out tomorrow - was going to take it out today but we got a 5 cm dump that didnt melt until too late in the day. anyway, i think we will have a great March for the AWD - it will be great to get it out again.


    i love that shot - the tint looks great on the silver. & the turbo II wheel looks great - easy to clean aren't they!


    2010 997.2 turbo cab 6 speed / 08 Cayenne GTS Manual - 08 RS 60 sold -04 C4S sold - 08 Cayenne Turbo PDCC sold

    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s


    got the wheels just today - for the better look. Easier cleaning is welcome too! 

    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    Porschefather, your car looks BEAUTIFUL !  Is the color Platinum silver ?





    Re: 997 generation 2 Targa4s

    Thanks Dave! Color is arctic silver. I believe they discontinued that color. And i'm not sure whether the first owner tinted the windows. In this picture they look pretty black however you can still look in from the side when you're standing next to the car. 



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