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    911S or 9114S

    One question, this week I'm ordering a 911 S ,or 9114S ( 2007) this is my first Porsche, so I would like to order the right one, anyone on this board drove the two different model, how about the handling ,and what are you recommendation ? this will be a non winter car.
    Than you all.

    Non winter = C2S

    You don't need the awd unless you drive the car in 3 or more months of bad weather each year.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Go for the 2S. The handling of this is much more sportier than the 4S. I think that the 4S is a great car but I still believe that it bites a bit more of this light driving feeling.On the other hand It is so performant thow that if you dont feel confortable with the 2 go for the 4wd.

    I would go for the 2 S!!!

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Both cars are fantastic. If you do not go to the track, buy a C4 : better traction, better brake system for the road, less aquaplaning, more sexy. Anyway you will enjoy.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Sportier => C2S
    Sexier => C4S

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    4S = more weight, more complexity (more things to break), less room in front trunk

    Unless you're going to press the car to the limit on either dry or wet pavement, I'd stick with 2S.

    And don't think about the 4 as a good snow car ... while the 4WD will help in a dusting, there's not enough ground clearance to be helpful in real snow.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    if non winter car...go 2S. there is plenty of traction with this car...

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    I bought a 4S. The shape is a matter of preference. The 2S has purer lines and the 4S looks meaner. Personally I like them both.

    My reason for buying a 4S is that we get a lot of bad weather here and this is my every day car. It was really just a matter of the extra security, Personally I'd probably prefer a 2S for the handling. Or even better a GT3.

    The 2S has such great balance and grip that the wet is nothing to be afraid of, it's only slippery roads, frost, black ice, and snow where the 4S really benefits. Here is an old clip of a 996 GT3 from Top Gear. At the end of the clip they show the Stig driving it round a soaking track:

    Pretty much says it all.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    It was my first Porsche too and I was not too familiar with the nuances of a rear engined car... for those and some purely aesthetic reasons I went for the C4S. I have absolutely NO regrets. The car feels incredibly surefooted and easily compensates for my driving foibles. I love it ! BTW, it is plenty sporty enough! The brake system and the rear end with the 305 tyre's were also good enough reasons for me to go with a 4S ;-)

    Enjoy the decision making process.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    I favour 2S because the steering has a purer feel, it's lighter and even in bad weather the 2S really has so much grip that I can't see a real need for 4wd in a 911. Of course the 4s does 'feel' more secure and on icy or snowy roads then it probably really does have the edge. But how often do you drive on such surfaces? If the answer is often then perhaps a 4s is better. But for me if its just rainy and a bit slippery then I'll go for the uncorrupted feedback of 2wd every time. Especially as the 997s chassis really is so well sorted.

    Either way I really don't think you'll be disappointed. They are both different flavours of a great car.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    I track my C4S often and it does lap faster than the 2S (used to own one too), on wet and on dry. I disagree with all the comments above about the 2 handling "better", you can hardly notice the difference except that the wheel is somewhat heavier, something you will forget about in 3 seconds. BTW, the GT3 albeit a 2 wheel drive uses the 4S chassis (wider track, better grip). Do add PCCBs if you can, it does improve the handling. In any case, 997s are fantastic cars in any shape or form. Good luck!

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    why is 4S a winter car? Unless you put snow tires on the awd is still totally useless with summer tires. Plus summer tires are not effective below freezing temp. Do you guys use summer tires in the snow?

    With snow tires, 2S is just almost as effective as 4S

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    I've observed for some time here that many new to the 911 series buy the 4s, while the buyers with 911 time under their belts stick to the 2. Porsche has sorted out much of the rear engine issues on the 2s today in the 997.


    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Here in Aberdeen we typicaly get one relatively deep snowfall, but not so deep that you need increade ground clearance. However for 3 months during the evening, night, and early morning the roads are slippery with frost and some ice. We also get some severe rain storms with a lot of standing water, and the 4S copes VERY well in those conditions, only the very deepest puddles tug at the feel, never felt so safe in the rain in any other car including my off-roaders!

    The new GT3 is same narrow track body as the 2S, the GT3RS uses the wide body. Was this different for the old 996 GT3?

    The 4S still feels like a rear engine rwd car most of the time. Feels like you are being pushed along. The 4wd is not at all intrusive.

    But if you like the look of the standard body, and have reasonable weather conditions, then probably best saving the extra money and spending it on extras!

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    GT3 and C4S bodies are not the same, but I believe they both have same wheel size, wider than the C2S.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    I spent a year trying to decide the very same thing. My dealer lend me a 997S for a weekend and then a C4S next weekend.

    I do not track the car, I am not a professional race car driver like many apparently in this forum , and this was my first 911, owned 2 Boxsters S previously.

    I tested both in Madrid during the winter and both weekends we had a combination of wet and dry weather which was good. I tested the cars in highways as well as small secondary roads. I found the C4S no less sportier or heavier than the C2S. I did find the C4S more neutral and better balanced. I also liked the lines of the C4S better so I ended up getting a C4S X51.

    You will love both cars so stop think about it and get one fast so you can enjoy it. I took way too long thinking which one to get, that's my only regret.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Flash said:
    Here is an old clip of a 996 GT3 from Top Gear. At the end of the clip they show the Stig driving it round a soaking track:

    Pretty much says it all.

    I hope that Hamster makes a full recovery and gets back into Top Gear.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    tocho1 said:
    I track my C4S often and it does lap faster than the 2S (used to own one too), on wet and on dry. I disagree with all the comments above about the 2 handling "better", you can hardly notice the difference except that the wheel is somewhat heavier, something you will forget about in 3 seconds. BTW, the GT3 albeit a 2 wheel drive uses the 4S chassis (wider track, better grip). Do add PCCBs if you can, it does improve the handling. In any case, 997s are fantastic cars in any shape or form. Good luck!

    Totally agree. I drove both this weekend fully expecting to prefer the lighter and less intrusive 2S. Not so. I feel the 4S feels more planted in corners and the expected downsides (weight and understeer) never showed up.

    I don't think you can go wrong, but you've got to feel it for yourself. Take a few minutes behind the wheel before plunking down 100 grand.

    Have fun.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    we have a carrera 4S and it goes like nothing, it sticks to the floor, the sound is amazing, and the looks are just growing and growing !!!

    to answer your question, I think this pic will help a little bit !!

    As people have said, the 4S is sexier, and I dont think the carrera S is that faster than the 4S, except if you are the stig

    A pic of her in her first bath !!!!

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Performance wise they are very close. Yes, C4S feels more secure like any other 4WD sports cars. More weight in front makes it more familiar feeling when you test-drive it. And, yes, C4S looks sexier too.

    BUT, for your first 911, C2 or C2S are recommended to experience what Porsche 911 is. It is a very special car in how it drives, nothing is really like it. After living and experiencing 40 years of 911 history and technical improvement, one can move on to C4S or TT. As they say Porsche purist goes for GT3/RS, next closest thing is C2S...

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    I got my C4 in March. Not as S, but I had to choose between S & 4 cause of $$$ and I was set on it being a Cab. I decided that if the all wheel drive saved me even once, it would be worth it. Oh, and Its my year-round commuting car, I live in NJ and I drive 35 miles to work each way.

    95% of the time I'm conservative on the road, but 5% I get a little goofy and push it to my limit (not the car's, I wish I could push it to the car's limit.)

    To be honest, lately I've been thinking of trading mine in and getting an S or a 4S coupe and ordering a new convertible next summer... truly saying goodbye to any good sense or financial responsibility, cause I tend to do that.

    But something occurred to me and I'm still working it out, "I don't drive it like a Porsche." I've been keeping it under 3-4000 RPMs most of the time with the idea that I want to keep the car in great condition.... what occurred to me was, maybe I don't need an S, maybe I just need to take the RPMs up to the top often, trust my factory warranty, and then see if its "enough" or not.

    Just a thought.

    And thats what I'm pondering and testing at the moment.

    As far as your choice, S or 4S, either way... you get a Porsche!

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Either car will handle just fine in the snow with the proper tires...the C4S was not designed as a "snow Porsche". There are very special advantages for the C4S system and the Turbo is an all wheel system not for snow, but for power transfer and handling. I would go with the 4 because it is simply the best looking and sexiest car on Earth. End of story!

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    I had the same question, a year ago, ordered a C4S and then cancelled the order and got a C2S. It's my all year daily driver (I also have a set of 19" weels with winter tires). I preferred the feel of the 2 vs 4. Both are it's personal choice. I have no regrests and love driving my car hard every day.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Yes I agree it must be ones own inner feeling about this 2 vs 4 thing. However,as you have also noted the tire makes either of these car a snow porshe. I also went with 19 in winter rims and was pleased. I thought I might have tried the 18s on the winter tires, but I took a chance with the 19s and they did great. Iwillsoon be switching rims as I do not trust the whether...did you see what happen in Buffalo NY? I think one would have needed Hummer in that mess.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Just collected my C4S Cab yesterday. Two things made me switch from my old C2 - one was the all weather ability (I'm talking damp wet London weather not 6" of snow) and the looks.

    One downside that I hadn't really considered was the size of the front luggage compartment. I was pretty surprised by the difference, which I really should have looked at.

    Anyhow on my first damp morning's drive to work, I have to say that the C4S is a revelation. The levels of grip and therefore confidence are astonishing.

    I'll post more of my thoughts when I've had a chance to run it in and drive it a little bit.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    I test drove a 997 C2 and then immediately afterwards I test drove a 997 C4S. I loved both cars but I just found the steering on the C4S too heavy. I prefer the lighter steering of the C2/C2S.

    The key point is that both cars IN FACT handle fantastically. What differentiates them more is the FEELING you get in each. I think the lighter steering on the C2/C2S makes the car FEEL more nimble and agile even if this isn't actually the case.

    The bottom line is that you need to try them both to see what will increase your driving pleasure given what you're already used to.

    Take your time, test drive them as many times as you need and try to choose what's best for you. Best of luck with your choice!

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Thank you all guys, this forum is great, so I will go for a C2S

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    In my opinion that is the correct choice

    I have driven a few C4S's since getting my C2S a year ago and I VASTLY prefer the feel of my car (plus mine feels faster to me in comparison).

    Saving the difference in money and spending it on other options is also a big plus.

    Re: 911S or 9114S

    Of course you saw this yes? ...TopGear C2 vs C4

    NOTE: C4 had Ceramic brakes, sports exhaust, and slightly lighter wheels - which may or may not have given it an unfair advantage. C4 won by 0.5secs but Stig and James both concluded that the C2 was the one they would have.



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