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    Re: just a remark to the cayenne engine...

    I agree with you to a certain point. The brand Porsche stands for sportscars. But maybe the Cayenne will become the sportscar of the SUV category?
    If the Cayenne Turbo stands to it's specs during real world driving, it will be a pretty impressive car, trust me. Porsche knows that the Cayenne Turbo, the top of the line, has to take the definition of the word SUV to another dimension. If not, the Cayenne will not succeed.
    I also believe that the Cayenne Turbo makes an important part of the Cayenne marketing strategy, showing what the Cayenne is capable of. But the real money will be made with the Cayenne S and an upcoming Cayenne with a V6 engine because most customers probably won't go for the Turbo. I bet a lot of potential Cayenne Turbo customers will switch to the Cayenne S as soon as they'll know the official price tag.
    Regarding the E55: yes, good choice. But with a child, it isn't enough space. I invite you to have a look on our vacation luggage when we travel to Italy or France. I really don't know how somebody can get so much stuff into a ML.
    If Mercedes builds a bigger ML with more power in the future, I'd probably buy it. But right now I'm a bit disappointed with Mercedes quality, our ML55 started to show a lot of problems. Minor problems but annoying enough if you have to bring the car almost every week to the dealer. The only thing which seems realiable is the engine.

    Before I read the technical specs of the Cayenne Turbo, I wasn't a Cayenne friend either. But now we should be fair enough to give the Cayenne a chance. If Porsche did a good job, they should be honored for that. If not, well ... time (and a testdrive on will tell.

    Re: just a remark to the cayenne engine...

    IMO something like "the sportscar of the SUV category" is kind of a contradiction ;-)

    BTW: i know the "luggage problem" on family vacations-- but don't you miss your porsche when you arrived at the holiday destination and the luggage is safely stored in the hotel room? last year i fedex'ed the main items of our luggage to the hotel, so that we could take the carrera for the trip-- but i'm aware that this is a strange solution.

    i completely agree with your disappointment on merc quality. they really managed to lower build quality (especially interior finishing) while most competitors increased their quality standards (lexus, BMW, audi). today D-C is a completely marketing- and sales-driven company -- why else are there cars like the "sportscoupé" or "PT cruiser"? -- but porsche seems to go into the same direction. maybe the management board forgot WHY porsche and merc are selling that good? WHY there are so many preorders for the cayenne? IMO it's because of the great image of the marques which took decades to develop. i hope that it won't be smashed by this turbo "country" ;-)

    cheers; zzboba

    Re: just a remark to the cayenne engine...

    Unfortunately my Turbo doesn't have rear seats anymore.
    So I have to choose who I take with me, my girl or my wife.

    I don't think that the "sportscar of the SUV category" is a contradiction. Why is AMG selling that many high power limousines, many of them to former Porsche customers ? Right, because a 911 is a great sportscar but not a great family car. And not everybody can afford to buy a 911 AND a E55 for example.

    To answer your question: yes, I sometimes miss my 911 during our family vacation. But on the other hand, I'm surprised to see how many so called sportscar drivers can't even cope with a SUV like the ML55. I'm not kidding.
    My favourite road in South France is the seaside road from Cannes to St. Tropez. A lot of nasty turns and pretty narrow. I just love it and I was pretty surprised last year when almost no car could keep up with me on that road.
    As much as I missed my Porsche, I realized that a good car isn't anything and it actually is more fun to be fast in a "not so good" sportscar like a ML55. This is exactly one reason why I might consider buying the Cayenne Turbo.

    I don't have a choice: if I'm on a family vacation, I want to have a fast car with me too. If it can't be my 996 Turbo, it has to be something else. The Cayenne Turbo is very promising and as much as I don't like the idea of a Porsche SUV, I don't have another choice. If you know one, tell me.

    Re: just a remark to the cayenne engine...

    got your point-- missing rear seats make things even more difficult ;-)

    i'll face the same problem soon enough probably as my next sports car won't have rear seats. and you're right: if you REALLY have to transport your family and a lot of stuff, a SUV is more disirable than a station wagon or something like a vaneo;-) let alone the fact that i do not like the idea of a porsche 4-doored SUV at all, i have to admit that the cayenne turbo specs sound promising. but i don't like the design (ok, we have to wait until it really hits the road to get a realistic impression) and i wouldn't spend THAT much money on my family car. in the V6 or "s" cayenne class i would choose the X5 4.4i/4.6HP or maybe would even give the lexus RX300 a chance. enough space, not to expensive and enough driving pleasure. at least for me.
    it's not only the price of the car, it's also the service -- e.g. the leasing conditions at BMW are a lot better than at porsche finanicial. they offer complete packages including insurance and services if you want to. you can extend your guarantee. none of this is offered by porsche. it's ok when it's about sports cars. this is special. but in this market segment IMO they have to learn a lot.

    but to get back to your point: you don't seem to care about costs, leasing conditions etc. and want the most powerful and sporty car available, which will be, no doubt, the cayenne turbo ;-)

    cheers; zzboba



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