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    986: manual or tiptronic?

    Just met a guy who is close to buying a 986.
    He found one with tiptronic, but my first reaction was "don't go there"....which was his own gut feeling, too.
    I havent heard very many positive things about the tiptronic, the main criticism being that it just isn't sporty enough for a thoroughbread sportscar.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    Re: 986: manual or tiptronic?

    Nobody has a comparison between manual and tip-tranny?

    Re: 986: manual or tiptronic?

    Dr. Phil said:
    Nobody has a comparison between manual and tip-tranny?

    Sorry Doc,
    Can't help you.
    Although, most of the tech guys at the Porsche Paris (owned by Porsche AG) have only praise for the Tip transmission, especially the new one coupled with sport chrono.

    Re: 986: manual or tiptronic?

    I had two tiptronic boxsters (normal and S) and now a manual 996TT X50.
    Whatever people are telling, the tiptronic is actually a fine choice for most situations.
    However, you should get used to shift gears with the steering wheel buttons. The normal shifting set up is optimized for low fuel consumption. On kick-down the car reacts fast and shifts to lower gears with high revving engine. This sounds/feels sometimes awkward.

    The manual shifting with the tiptronic buttons makes a lot of fun.

    After my experiences with both types of technolgies, I have
    to admit that I think that in the speed scale of 0-100 kph the tiptronic is superior to manual shifting. We all know that that you loose some power by the automatic and that on paper the accel times are worse. But in reality you shift faster with the automatic than with the manual unless you drive hard on the clutch like a race driver.
    A downshift in city driving from 3rd to 2nd with the tip on a single button press is just faster than anyone taking the hand to the gear lever, pressing clutch, shifting gear, relasing the clutch. I know that most people here feel the tiptronic inacceptable because they think they are faster with the tip. But I doubt that. I personally have to admit that I am not.
    In stop and go traffic, the tiptronic is just relaxing.

    Of course at top speed you can see the minimal power loss of the tiptronic. Here, a manual gives you some kph more.

    I assume that the DSG will be the shifting technology of choice for my next car. No power loss and still shifting fast on the steering wheel.



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