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    MP3 capability early 997 - New PCM unit

    Quick question for the connoisseurs:

    I have a February 2005 997 Carrera with Bose / PCM / Telephone (don't know how much detail matters for this)

    As the original September 2004 DVD has some scratches and caused issues, I ordered the update for 2010. The official dealer can't get it to work and decided to replace the PCM unit under warranty.

    First question: a PCM unit, does this in principle include everything, such as a new screen? (the old one was not well maintained by the previous owner, so new screen would be first advantage)

    Second question: the Porsche dealer indicated that the new unit would have all the latest software and should therefore certainly work with the new DVD. Obviously, I am hoping now that they put in one of the latest PCM 2 so that I will have MP3 capability, which would be really nice Smiley / Otherwise put: is there a "risk" that they put one of the very early PCM 2 units in (with latest software but without MP3 hardware)?

    Any input will be much appreciated, certainly because I know that there will be someone with the answer Smiley


    Re: MP3 capability early 997 - New PCM unit

    1) AFAIK, the PCM is a complete unit - it doesn't come in parts. (e.g. if you break the SIM card tray, you have to replace the whole unit - not just that part). So you should get a new screen as part of a whole new unit.

    2) My expectation is that you will get the revised PCM 2 unit that was released in MY06. This will include mp3 capability. I wouldn't expect you to get the latest PCM which is PCM 3 (colour, touchscreen etc). 


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    Re: MP3 capability early 997 - New PCM unit

    Easy-rider, you are confirming what I am hoping for / expecting. Thanks for the quick reply Smiley

    This would be very, very good news (clean screen and MP3) Smiley

    I am certainly not expecting the new PCM 3, most likely it will not even fit / be compatible.

    Re: MP3 capability early 997 - New PCM unit


    I got the car back yesterday


    New handbrake works well (more "reliable" clicking sound)

    PCM unit has MP3 capability

    New screen with PCM unit, so very good


    They broke the "passenger airbag off" light during the install of the new handbrake, so now if it lights up, it not only lights up the text, but also the crack in the middle.

    They forgot to activate the Sport Chrono Plus in the PCM, so no lap times (does anyone use that) and no individual memory.

    PCM still has problems to read the now brand new DVD for navigation. As per earlier discussions with the PZ, they would replace the reader in the trunk.

    Overall quite happy with the result as I have MP3, the rest will be fixed under warranty I suppose.




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