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    Some of you may already know,
    a few weeks ago, I was victim of an aquaplanning accident on the motorway with my C4C. I was fine but not the car, although it is being repaired now.
    This made me think a lot about 4WD, I know I've already made a post about this but I always thought that C4 were made for secure driving in all conditions.
    Was I really unlucky?
    Do you guys drive your C4 the same way on wet and on dry?
    What is actually the advantage of a C4 over a C2?
    Ian Kuah, a respectable british journalist wrote that a C4 can be more fun to drive than a C2, because of better weight distribution (40-60 and 38-62 for the C2) and hence, a more neutral handling, what do you think?
    My main concern is now, how can I drive my C4 on the wet?
    I think I'll be a bit scared when I'll take it back.
    Well, I'll definitly be more careful.
    Are C4 safer than C2 (if it's up to me, I'd say I'm not sure), need some enlightment please.
    Thank you.

    Re: Carrera4


    As good as the Pirrelis tires you have are, I would change to a different set with better wet grip. This is the 1st thing you should do if you want to regain your confidence with your car. Even though the C4 has more grip in the wet than a C2, nothing is for sure as your accident showed(We are all very happy you were ok & uninjured!) As a fellow C4 owner, I can say that the Carrera 4 makes you want to push the car hard, exploring it's limits...a very rewarding & fun drive but can be dangerous in the wrong conditions. No matter what car you drive everyone should drive more conservativley in bad conditions. But wet driving aside, "C2 vs. C4"...Which is more fun to drive in the dry? After experiencing both, I can agree with Ian Kuah that the C4 is definatly more fun. The little bit of extra weight in the front of the car noticeably improves balance. The turn-in of the Carrera 4 is quicker than the Carrera 2 and it's balance through a twisty on the throttle more neutral. The car gives the driver an incredible ablility to come on the power early exiting a turn. Way earlier than most. LOTS of fun. The nose of the car just feels like it's being pinned to the ground as you feed in the throttle. It is also more stable at speed. Take all this into consideration and the fact that there's a smidgen more weight added to the already very communicative steering, and you have a car that is IMHO more desirable than a base C2, just like most things that cost more money...hehe. When I had my C2, I thought it was perfect and it couldn't be a better car, but than I test drove a C4, and I had to have one. It is the same situation now, as I have driven a Turbo. Argh!

    Re: Carrera4

    Erik, thanks for your reply.
    I have already ordered a new set of Pirelli (front and rear) upon RC's recommandations.
    Not sure I'll make the difference anyway since I'm not an amazing driver.
    Just out of curiosity though, what are the brands that IYO provide more grip?
    Just in case for next time.
    I think what I need to do when I get it back is take a proper day on a track with an instructor, and play with the car's limits, should be fun and long term wise, a good investment in terms of safety.
    Take care,

    Re: Carrera4

    I like your idea about taking your car to the track and learning from an instructor. You'll be glad you did it and have a wonderful time. Right now I have Bridgestone Potenza SO3's on my car & I really like them for their wet & dry grip and reduced road noise.

    Re: Carrera4

    Fanch, I would go for the C4. Today I drove 700 km with my C4 Cab (Michelin Pilot Sport, front 225, rear 285) and mostly in rainy weather conditions. Even at speeds over 180 kph the car remains very very stable. Don't get me wrong: I know about the physical limits, but compared to other cars the abilities of a C4 are incredible. I was used to drive rear wheel drive BMW's like a E39 5 series with more than 340 hp. In the rain I had sometimes fear even at speeds around 80 kph.

    BTW: In my 996 Turbo I have a less safe feeling on wet roads than in my 996 C4 Cab.

    My best lap on the Hockenheim Ring (small course) with the 300 hp C4 Cab AND in heavy rain was 1.23 min. The reference time of Horst von Saumra in a BMW M3 E46 - on a dry(!) course - was 1.17.6 min.

    Re: Carrera4

    Thanks CR,
    Why do you feel safer in the C4 on the wet compared to the Turbo?
    Is that you on the picture with the turbo?
    You look young. That's cool, I'm 25.
    I know, I am a lucky bastard, but it's nice to share the passion with all ages.
    take care.

    Re: Carrera4

    Hi CR,
    I drove the C4 fast as well under the rain before the accident, and it was indeed very stable, now I'm just scared of patches of water followed by aquaplanning, the wider the weels, the bigger the risk!!!
    I do admit I was pretty unlucky though.
    I think the C4 is a highly capable car on the wet, just gotta watch out for those patches of water!
    I have another question for you just out of curiosity.
    You have now a 355 spider, a C4C and a turbo,
    Now be honest, which one puts the biggest smile on your face? I know, it's a tough one.
    Take your time and take everything into considerations,
    Design, build quality, noise, handling, open top driving enjoyment, practicability, etc, etc...
    I know it's tough, but in other words, if you were left with just one, which one would it be?
    Thanks CR,
    A bientot!

    Re: Carrera4

    There is nothing magical about driving in the rain. Rain simply adds variability to the equation. You can never be quite sure howmuch grip you are going to get. The faster you go, the more risk you take. Better cars and AWD improve the situationbut then if you go faster you are just back to where you were before. So you just have to decide how much risk you are willing to take and drive accordingly.

    FWIW, in the Turbo I am usually very careful in the rain.

    On tyres, it makes a very big difference how much tread is left. If you want good rain performance then you need to replace them at half depth. This is especially true for the Pirelli where half of the tread is only half depth. The rear Perellis are very good when they are new but as they wear they become noticably worse.

    Most people prefer the Michelins in the rain. These would be my prefered tyre for the Turbo in the rain but you cannot get the rears at the moment. For the C4 these should be available.


    Re: Carrera4

    Thanks for the advice,
    I think it is still time for me to call my dealer and change the already ordered Pirellis for Michelin Sport Pilot.
    RC, what do you think?
    I do about 50% cruising, 40% nice bendy roads driving in a sporty way and 10% track.
    Thank you all.

    Re: Carrera4

    Fanch, the most fun to drive is the Ferrari (design, sound and the way the enginge revs ). But if I had to choose one I'd go for the Turbo (reliability, power, comfort), even if I was missing to drive top down.



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