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    French Connection III

    I have been very busy lately and just got back from a short vacation. We took the Porsche down to Sicily. The vacation was good. Lots of ho-hum high speed highway and mountain driving. Lots of nutty Italian driver. The usual boring vacation stuff.

    However, managed to have a little fun on the way back. We detoured to Paris to meet with some friends who were there on holiday from California. While in Paris someone rammed my car at an intersection. Intentionally.

    He refused to stop or to get out of the car. He took off. I chased but lost him. Then, by chance, he appeared right in front of me and the chase was on again. I was blocking traffic at intersections, going up narrow streets between parked cars flat out in second and driving up the oncoming lane.

    We boxed him in any one point and our friend got out of the car to block him. He attempted to squash him against a bus.

    Back in the car and more chasing. Then he realised he wasn't going to get away and drove to a police station where he complained that he was being followed by crazy people for no reason whatsoever.

    The Paris police wanted nothing to do with it. They told us that hit-n-run with only property damage was not criminal. They tried everything to get rid of us. We insisted and yelled. Out came the diplomatic credentials and threats of a diplomatic incident were made. The guy starts to act less cocky now. He jumps in his car and tries to make a run for it. The cops jump in their car and chase. The vests that they had put on top of their car go flying. The stop him again and bring him back.

    The show moves upstairs. They continue to claim he committed no crime. We continue to yell. They ask my occupation and when they discover that I am a lawyer their eyes roll. So now they're dealing with a nutter, diplomats making a lot of noise, a Porsche Turbo, a lawyer and a couple Americans (sensitive, Americans are these days). They especially didn't like it when we reminded them that in the USA the police would chase a hit-n-run driver with guns drawn.

    They tell us that prosecuting him would be "disproportionate". They tell us that once the process begins it cannot be stopped. We absolutely insist. I act like I know what I'm talking about and remind them that they must press charges if I insist. And finally they realise that they cannot stop us and set to work. The guy is charged with hit-n-run and assault. Now he is shaking.

    He is arrested and spends the night in jail (and maybe two since yesterday was a holiday).

    So we seemingly accomplished the impossible - we got someone locked up for a motor vehicle offence in Paris.

    That evening, his wife comes to find him but is not allowed to see him. Seems the young girl in the car at the intersection wasn't his wife after all. Wonder if that had anything to do with it?

    We will of course write to the police thanking them for their fine work and letting them know that we will be following the prosecution closely.



    Now that's what I'm talking about Steve!
    Don't let yourself fooled but those bastards!
    I cannot understand why this guy would have just ram you like that, but it could be pure jaleousy, such are French people.
    What's more, I can't believe the police were gonna do nothing about it!
    It may not be a criminal offense (although he did try to squash your friend agains a bus) it's a serious offense nonetheless!
    This is unbelievable!!! DO NOT drop the charges!
    To nail you doing an extremely dangerous 160 km/h on a empty motorway, the police is here for sure, but when you are actually victime of a serious accident in town, they're just not concerned.
    I'm not saying they're bad, it's just that sometimes, I don't understand them.
    Anyway, the country is going pear shaped, the unions are blocking everything (You have probably experienced it!), these people do not think long term, and this is not about striking anymore, it's about making other people's lives a misery!
    I hope you had a good time in that f***ed up country of mine!
    The roads are still excellent!!!
    Any trouble with the radars on the motorways?

    Re: Congratulations! least germany is not the only country where a lot of things go wrong currently...

    Re: French Connection III

    Think positive! That gave you a great story to tell us!
    Great picture, by the way...

    nice work

    If he rammed into you intenionally. He should be in jail and charged with assault. I would have done the same if I were you. Being an american and dipomatic credential, they have to give you some kind of 'face'.

    Where and how badly your car was damaged from this incident?



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