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    Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept

    Here’s a sneak preview of the sensational Lotus Evora Enduro GT Concept, one of the Evora variants on show at The Geneva Motor Show today – Press conference at 1315GMT.


    Re: Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept


    Re: Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept

    Any technical details? Thanks for the pictures.  


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Porsche 997 Turbo, BMW X5 M, BMW M3 Cab DKG, Mini Cooper S JCW

    Re: Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept


    Any technical details? Thanks for the pictures.  

    not much technical info has leaked, only this so far: 

    The Evora Enduro GT Concept has been developed by Lotus Motorsport under the expert eye of Lead Designer Nicola Scimeca.

    It's the base car for Lotus' GT2/GTE Le Mans challenger. In an earlier GT4 Endurance variant, this car enjoyed phenomenal success in it's first few outings with a recent podium finish in the hands of Nigel Mansell's sons Leo and Greg at the Dubai 24 hour race.

    I'll complement this as soon as I know more.


    Re: Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept

     as promised :


    Evora Enduro Technical Specification

    Powertrain Specification

    Cosworth tuned mid-mounted, transverse 4-litre DOHC V6 VVT-i 2GR-FE
    normally aspirated with dry sump , CNC billet Alloy Engine mounts,
    Motorsport optimized bushes

    Engine Management
    Cosworth SQ6 ECU

    XTRAC 426. Sequential 6-speed, driving rear wheels, transverse layout dog
    engagement, reverse and neutral engagement, external oil cooler reverse
    cut directly onto the primary shaft. Bespoke Alloy cast bell housing

    Gear Shift
    Mechanical gear shift (rose jointed, direct shaft change) (optional paddle
    shift, pneumatic system)

    Twin plate sintered clutch

    Exhaust System
    Competition exhaust manifold, competition silencer. Thermal coated

    Exhaust Noise
    110 dB (A) at 3800 rpm (FIA)*

    Induction System
    Performance air filter, carbon plenum and trumpets

    Max Power 440 bhp @ 7000 rpm*
    Max Torque 460 Nm @ 5500 rpm*
    Max Engine Revs Revs 7200 rpm*
    Fuel Rating 98 RON
    Engine Position Transverse mid-mounted
    Unladen Vehicle Mass 1160 kg*

    * Subject to development testing.
    Vehicle Specification

    Modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure

    Suspension Front/Rear
    Forged aluminium double wishbone suspension, 4 way Ohlins TTX36
    dampers, coaxial coil springs, Uni ball wishbone joint, increased camber
    adjustable anti roll bars. Centre lock hubs, wheel nut safety retainer

    Braking System
    Twin master cylinder pedal box, cable bias control

    Brakes Front
    Alcon 6 piston callipers, two piece aluminium belled discs, with
    25mm race pads

    Brakes Rear
    Alcon 4 piston callipers, two piece aluminium belled discs, with
    25mm race pads

    Forged Alloy; Front – 18 x 8.5J Rear – 18 x 10J

    Front - 24/64-18; Rear - 27/65-18

    Fuel System
    FIA FT3 approved with internal high pressure pump, regulator and filter
    Fuel Tank / Capacity
    120 litres nominal
    Fuel Tank / Filler
    ATL ‘dry break’ quick fill

    Engine Cooling
    Twin core High Ambient Radiator aluminium end tank radiator, Laminova
    heat exchanger*

    4 point system 2 front 2 rear

    Exterior Specification

    Body Panel
    Full Aero front splitter, diffuser and rear wing, GRP wheel arch liners, Front and
    rear brake cooling

    Polycarbonate side windows with slider screen Polycarbonate

    Front Screen

    Light weight GRP (optional Carbon Fibre)

    Light weight GRP

    White standard (other colours are a cost option)

    Further Options
    HANS Compliant Passenger Seat Kit (includes 4 point harness, roll cage
    padding and foot rest)
    HANS Compliant Carbon Passenger Seat Kit (includes 4 point harness, roll
    cage padding and foot rest)

    Interior Specification

    Rack and pinion, power assisted, quick release steering wheel with PAS

    Cosworth Omega dash, gear indicator, fire extinguisher and electrical cut
    out. PI D3 Dash with dynamic sensor kit

    FIA approved competition seat on fixed mounting frame – HANS compatible
    (optional Non FIA slider)

    Driver’s Seat Belt
    FIA approved 6 point competition harness– HANS compatible
    Door mirrors
    Electric adjustment

    Terms and conditions apply. No type approval documentation or Certificate of
    Conformity is supplied with the vehicle. This vehicle is for competition use only and is
    NOT covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Different service and
    maintenance procedures apply from the standard Evora. Engine and transmission are
    subject to specialised servicing and maintenance schedules; please refer to service notes
    for details, additional costs apply. Any type of timed, competitive vehicle use requires that
    a suitably qualified specialist apply expert levels of vehicle preparation and servicing.
    Customers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is compliant with specific race
    regulations. Lotus reserves the right to change price, specification and options at any
    time. All specifications and options are correct at time of going to press August 2010.
    Customer’s statutory rights are not affected. Lotus Motorsport is a trading name of Lotus
    Cars Limited, registered address Potash Lane, Hethel, Norwich, NR14 8EZ, England. 


    Re: Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept

    Lotus Motorsport intend to contend the following endurance events this year:
    23 – 26 June 2011 Nürburgring ADAC 24 Hour Race (GER)
    28 – 31 July 2011 Spa 24 Hour Race (BEL)
    8 & 9 October 2011 Silverstone 24 Hour Race (GB)
    The 24 hour races in Dubai and Daytona are on the list for 2012.
    The Evora Enduro can be bought by private individuals and adapted for racing.  


    Re: Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept

    I wish the company would consider adding that small vent, that's on this car,  (SEE YELLOW ARROW, just in front of the rear wheel) to the same spot on the new Esprit.  That area looks so unexciting and bland on the 2013 Esprit's body.  It's just a thought.IMG_0033.jpg

    Re: Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept


    Re: Lotus Evora Enduro Gt Concept

    Wow looks really nice in that color scheme. I hope it does well in its class races, it appears to be very high-tech and fast. 440hp certainly work.


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 



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