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    Watch out, 996 C4 drivers - 4WD can't do miracles in snow

    The 4WD system of the 996 C4 improves traction, safety and helps on wet and snowy roads. But sometimes, especially on snow, the 4WD of the 996 C4 is at it's "end". Ground clearance is very important too. Look at the pics and you'll understand.

    Stuck in the snow-996 C4

    Ground clearance-VW Touareg and 996 C4

    I'd be surprised ...

    I'd be very surprised if that C4 was really stuck there. If you look at the angle the person is standing you can see that the photographer has just tilted his camera. It is actually pretty flat. Assuming those aren't summer tyres, he should be able to just nail it and go!

    Of course, if you really need to climb mountains then even a VW can get stuck. So maybe this is more suitable:


    Re: I'd be surprised ...

    I climbed a 2300 m mountain up to the peak with my ML 55 on a small road through the woods a week ago in Austria. Snow was about almost half a meter high, maybe even more. Do that in a 996 C4. We wanted to do some sleigh ride but unfortunately there was too much snow and we were the ONLY car at the peak. The woman up there asked us how we got there because of the much snow. If you want me I can post a little video I made. Unbelievable what a ML on winter tires can do. I had no chains on my wheels!

    Let's see the video RC! :)

    Re: I'd be surprised ...


    Re: I'd be surprised ...

    RC, don't make us wait any longer! We wanna see that vid!

    Guys, sorry to disappoint you but...

    ...the video I have is nothing spectacular. It only shows the street condition during our mountain trip to the peak and my wife's attempts to do some sleigh ride in front of the ML. I'll post it as soon as possible, I have to transfer it from my video camera first.

    To pierre: nice videos. Thanks. But is this what you call snow in Switzerland?

    Re: Guys, sorry to disappoint you but...

    In reply to:
    But is this what you call snow in Switzerland?

    booohoooo!... We had over 12 degrees on December 27th! I even saw 16*C due to warm winds (föhn)... So when we got our first snow 2 weeks ago, it was a relief to everybody! And I just had to have fun with it... BTW, I'm of course talking about conditions in low altitude regions, ok? There already was some more snow in the Alps...

    Hope we'll get some more soon!


    Re: Watch out, 996 C4 drivers - 4WD can't do miracles in snow

    More info about test of Autobild here :

    Re: Watch out, 996 C4 drivers - 4WD can't do miracles in sno


    just a question re psm: did u have it turned on in the wider/open area - and turned off near the shed (when u r doing the tight spins ...???)

    Thanks ...

    Re: Watch out, 996 C4 drivers - 4WD can't do miracles in sno

    PSM was off on all these videos. I did let it on for a few test runs, but it's not been filmed. Actually, I'll try to show the difference next time I'm playing in snow: similar moves with PSM on then off.

    Re: I'd be surprised ...

    It WAS stuck there. They had to tow it, they mentioned it in the article.

    Must have had summer tyres. :)

    Re:i agree these Must have had summer tyres. :)

    clearance should not be a problem with so little snow my c4s would blast through this easily with its pirelli winter sports you don't need an suv to have fun in the winter just winter tires

    Re:i agree these Must have had summer tyres. :)

    I agree also...driving in the mountains is no problem...and if snow is not higher than 5 or 10 cm it is no problem...and you are even faster than an suv...i know it because i did it with c4 also 993. on white roads range rovers or x5 bmw had no chance...I drive often in the mountains on snow 20 per year or so, and the most importend thing is everytime the driver no question.

    last but not least, the best I ever drove on snow was lancer evo 6 t.m. edition, there is no substitute on earth, believe me!

    Re:i agree these Must have had summer tyres. :)

    With all this snow there'so much fun!!
    Pierre , you wanted snow we are!!!

    Re:i agree these Must have had summer tyres. :)

    Ignacio! Is that you from C32life? Nice to see you here. My C32 has been delegated to daily driving duties. How is the 996 doing?

    hi justin--i am the same ignacio from c32 life! the internet

    continues to make the world smaller!

    my c32 amg blew its engine at 9200 mi! after engine replacement i decided that i did not want to be a long term owner of a car i no longer trusted i traded it in for a 2002 c4s in mar 2002. i have logged in over 19k mi with no problems.

    besides the blown engine the intrusiveness of the esp system at launch drove me nuts i also missed having a stick. still the c32 amg was comfortable and loads of fun. i just didn't trust the long term build quality of the engine which i came to percieve as overstressed.

    thanks for remembering me.

    btw--i found this list thru google search--rennlist is also great!

    Re: hi justin--i am the same ignacio from c32 life! the internet

    I remember your story, but it looks like it was a good thing afterall? The 996 clearly is the car for you. I'm thinking of getting a sports car to go along with the C32, so far I was thinking of the new Aston Martin. The 996 is great too. It's a tough decision, but one that is quite fun to make.

    BTW, I still think the engine is one of the greatest attributes of the C32, as it fits the character of the car well. If you had been a M3 owner, perhaps you would be worried about your engine constantly.

    Re: snow!...

    You made my day Pierre!!!!
    fabulous pics!.

    Yesterday night after the club Porsche meeting i went for a ride in a parking !!!!!whooooooooho!

    I can't stop smile!!!
    ciao et à bientôt!.


    Re: hi justin--aston martin? you don't need the hassle of a

    british electrical system! get the 996 c4s-- it even makes a great snowmobile!



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