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    The V6 Cayenne is coming

    I'm starting to feel terrible in here. After waiting for so long to get the dream car and spending around 70k for the Cayenne S fully loaded. Now we find out "Cayenne V6" is going to be released soon!

    I didn't pay all that money on the Cayenne S, to find someone 2 months down the road driving the same exact car that only differ engine wise and only paying around 40k !!!

    The people who spends the extra $$ on the TT get, different exhaster, different rims, different hood, different front bumper and a colored screen in the dashboard in addition to the engine of course.

    Unlike us (owners of the cayenne S), the only difference between the S and the V6 Cayenne other than the engine is the S letter on the crest on the back of the car, other than that they are completely the same!!!

    The streets will fill up with these V6 cayenne and we will lose the magical feeling of being unique, or hearing "wow he is driving a Porsche"

    I guess Porsche wants to become the people's car instead of the VW

    Re: The V6 Cayenne is coming

    I agree with you
    I think Porsche is making a mistake

    Re: The V6 Cayenne is coming

    I understand your point guys, fair enough.
    But keep cool, you still have the V8!
    A bit like our S600 and a S370CDI I suppose and that goes for a lot models too.
    I know it's sad, but that's why I ordered it with the AMG body kit, it does look good in the first place but I think it also gives the car a muscular touch the standard don't have.
    What do you think an owner of a SL600 thinks when he sees an SL350 next to him with the rear badge off! Identical!!! Appart from the rims ok, but that's not much...
    C'est la vie

    Re: The V6 Cayenne is coming

    Don't feel that way, the Cayenne V6 is not the Cayenne S!

    I'm also sorried if I sometimes give the impression I don't like the Cayenne, this is not the case. I really like the Cayenne, especially the Turbo and when I make concerns about the design and other little things which bother me, I just want to picture myself the perfect Porsche SUV. Nothing more.

    I agree, the V6 is a mistake. A high power Cayenne Diesel with let's say 350 HP would have been a much better thing to see from Porsche. However, the V6 confirms my suspicions: the Cayenne doesn't seem to sell as well as Porsche wants us to believe. I still remember the predictions before production started, when they had thousands of pre-orders.
    I also remember the phone call from my dealer back in september when he offered me a Cayenne Turbo for november(!) delivery, ordered to my specs! Not to speak about a good financial offer.

    I never liked the partnership of VW and Porsche. VW doesn't have a clue how to build light cars, Audi is a different story but building a SUV with their space frame technology is almost an impossible task. I still think that Mercedes would have been the perfect partner for Porsche to build the Cayenne and I really don't understand why the first partnership talks failed.

    That said, I don't think the Cayenne would "brake Porsche's neck" but it could have been a huge success if they would have listened to some older Porsche customers, including me.

    Re: The V6 Cayenne is coming

    I agree RC. I have owned Porsche sportscars snce 1979, and I followed the development of the Cayenne with full intentions of becoming an owner. But when it was introduced, I was amazed at the styling (and not in a good way). No offense, please, to owners of this excellent vehicle, but I , even after a test drive, could not overcome my aversion to the styling. Perhaps my years of Porsche sportscar ownership had me anticipating something different - a car which I would have bought if it had matched what I had anticipated.

    Failed Mercedes Partnership

    I still think that Mercedes would have been the perfect partner for Porsche to build the Cayenne and I really don't understand why the first partnership talks failed.

    From Excellence Was Expected :

    The parties sat for a final discussion. Across the table from the Porsche contingent, said Wiedeking, "someone on the board said they would want a small piece of the company". ... "I'm not spending a second to discuss this," rejoined the Porsche chief. "Let's close the books on this right now."

    Wiedeking didn't identify the Mercedes-Benz official, but said, "He knows, and I know that he knows, and he's really unhappy whenever he sees me."

    Porsche later found a partner with VW as VW also needed an SUV and also needed Porsche's engineering expertise. Porsche leased a three story building in Hemmingen and did most of the design and engineering for the project at that location. VW paid for the design work. "You don't think I'd give it away for free do you?" said Wiedeking. "This is a big R&D job for us."



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