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    A Dream Come True

    Over the last couple years, I have read many great reports on and enjoyed numerous pictures of cars which a number of members have shared with the forum. Now that I am in the fortunate position of collecting a GT3 from the factory, I wanted to add my own experience. This is a my story...

    To say that it is a childhood dream would be a understatement. Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by cars, and Porsche in particular. My father was one of the first to drive a black 911 back long before it was fashionable and that childhood memory has fuelled my desire to own my own. I even had to the pleasure to learn to drive with one long before reaching the legal age. For me currently only the GT3 (and RS of course) captures the myth of what Porsche and its racing heritage is all about. It is raw, loud, track oriented and not for everyone. Even with PASM and other little devices, it requires attention every step of the way and makes your hart rate jump just thinking of it.

    I guess some of you know what I mean when I say that I spent endless hours going over in my head what the right spec for the car is. Take the colour for example. After the marketing materials where out everyone was talking about white being the latest must have colour for the GT3 - but at the end there could only be one colour for me: BLACK!! But for some insane reason of common sense I ended up with black metallic. Same on the PCCB - is it stupid to pay so much for brakes, in particular when you want to track the car? Although journalist could not stop raving about the performance common sense won and I settled for steel brakes knowing that I would kick my self if I had to replace them for funny money within a short period of time. Instead I will rather invest the savings into driver training. That will make me go faster than any PCCB will make you stop.

    The Clubsport is a must have option if you want to take the car on the track like me. That in turn made getting the bucket seats an easy decision (speaking of funny money). In my mind they are a must anyway and just look business!! The thing I tried every way to get around was not having to get them in the flame retarded materials. I never going to race the car but as we all know at Porsche the customer is King as long as he picks what they offer! I would never buy a car with out Xenon anymore so that got on the list.

    And as my car will not be a garage queen and as I plan to travel to many great circuits and distant driving roads a PCM found it its place in the car. Not sure what the fuss is all about as it adds no real weight and looks way better than the CD alternative. And for once the marketing department lost the battle with the engineers, making the GT3 the only 911 where you can get the sport button without having to get that ugly, ugly stop watch on the dash! I mean really what are they thinking?! Who really uses it? So no stop watch but a cruise control. Even though I live in Germany most of the roads have speed restrictions. So that should make those parts of highway driving less risky...

    When you buy a car for this much money then I think it should look its part. Hence I never understood why leather is an option. Anyway, I hate the plastic look so in goes leather and while we are at it also for the middle console.

    And the best for last, there are three pedals in the car and a footrest. Why I have to pay Euro 175 for getting the footrest to look like the rest is beyond me??

    Any way that is what I ordered, never even seen or driven the car before (but have driven the 996 GT3). How is that for expectations!! For the US readers that go and buy a car of the lot to avoid the wait, to you I can only say you are missing out on a great experience and a wonderful part of ownership of a new car. All I can say that this GT3 was build the way I wanted it. PERIOD!!!

    So one more good night of sleep - sleep, who am I to kid!! Speaking of anticipation with my new car plates in hand I just can't wait any longer. This is one appointment where I will be early...

    Re: A Dream Come True

    It's really a rare occurance to "truly" realize a dream.

    Re: A Dream Come True

    Top thread and congratulations , please post those pics

    ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: A Dream Come True

    great read! Congratulations, I hope it's everything and more that you have been waiting for Be safe and enjoy

    Re: A Dream Come True

    ENJOY A LOT!!!!!


    Re: A Dream Come True

    Thanks for the insight. I hope you love your dream...
    I'm working towards mine

    Re: A Dream Come True

    Thanks for sharing your story...

    Re: A Dream Come True

    I suspect that your story is shared by many. I have been quite amazed at the number of new-to-Porsche 997 owners we have today. Some time back I did a survey on Rennlist and was quite amazed to see that there are many new Porsche drivers out there that are new to the marque, and who came over from the MB and BMW lines.

    I suspect that old time Porsche drivers (like me) are nearly a minority today with respect to ordering a 997. That is unfortunate. The cars are certainly at their technological peak today, making it so easy to drive fast safely, at speeds where SKILL entered into the picture at a much lower speed in the older 911s.

    Enjoy the GT3. (Please reconsider the PCCBs. I have really been happy with myself for making the decision to order them).


    Re: A Dream Come True

    I read your post with interest and could relate to parts of your experience. Porsche ownership for many is not only the realisation of a dream but I think to experience the entire process of "you and your porsche" ... the specing, ordering, waiting, dreaming some more, anticipating delivery, first sight of your baby, then the caring, and then the driving! As most things that we cherish, there are also times of anguish and pain... dings,dents, and mechanicals.

    It's all part of the experience! I'm new to the world of Porsche's, what I do now know is that it's not just about the car! It is more than that, and it is what dreams are made of.

    Enjoy your car, I'm sure that many of us take genuine pleasure in reading posts of members either ordering or taking delivery of their cars. It makes us all relive the magical moment when we did the same.

    Your car is going to be wonderful.

    Re: A Dream Come True

    Wondeful post! Enjoy your dream and drive the hell out of it.

    Re: A Dream Come True

    Dan L said:
    I have been quite amazed at the number of new-to-Porsche 997 owners we have today. Some time back I did a survey on Rennlist and was quite amazed to see that there are many new Porsche drivers out there that are new to the marque, and who came over from the MB and BMW lines.

    I'm a new to the Porsche marque owner. I've owned a number of cars, including a Corvette, but recently have been driving SUV tanks (Range Rover, Discovery II). I did own a MB but its probably not the type that you were referring to Dan! Mine was a vintage 1985 300TD.

    We, my wife and I, are very happy with our P-car right now. We aren't so thrilled with the dealer though as a lot of little "things" keep happening that I would not expect from a luxury marque dealer in the USA. To be honest the best experience we have had has been in dealing with Land Rover (LRNA) and our local Land Rover dealer.

    Living the dream?

    First of thanks for all the kind comments on my initial report. Now that I actually have the car - and what a great feeling that is - I want to share with you my first impressions. It would be pre-mature to give a full driving report, instead I need to digest the whole experience a bit more first before I sit down and put it in writing so bare with me. But in the meantime some pictures and my first impressions.

    Factory tour & Collection:

    Well it was a short night as you can imagine. So Friday morning, a bright sunny day, my dad and I make the trip down to Zuffenhausen for what I hoped to be a great and memorable day. On the train my dad and I recollected our first trip in the early 80s together and the times he collected his first Porsche in 1971!! Times have certainly changed at Porsche we found out.

    With simple instructions in hand we boarded the train for Stuttgart. Be there by 10:30 for the factory tour the short letter said. First sight that greeted us at the gate was a red GT3 in the visitor lot. Hmm I briefly though about the color after seeing one in EVO but admittedly the color is not for me.

    NO PICTURES on the tour are the clear instructions which is a bummer given that we saw some great cars, particular several GT3s and RSs in the production line. Surprise to note that Cup cars are build on the same line. The tour guide did a good job but perhaps catered to the uninformed to much. When you see the production you can see why the make such a high margin because it takes the same time to build the convertible, Turbo and RS. ~60 hours or 150 cars a day. They kicked us out of the production area where they add the engine as they had a couple of cars on the assembly line which they did not want us to see. Too bad really.

    The tour lasted about 90 minutes and which was followed by a nice lunch. Not a surprise we did not really take the time to enjoy lunch as we wanted to rush down to the collection of the car.

    Now this was the 30 minutes I have been waiting for quite some time. I was excited to say the least and wanted to appear collected. What followed was a mixed experience I am disappointed to say. To get the disappoint on record first so we can focus on the good stuff. The guy doing the handover was so underwhelming and miss informed I thought I was getting a car from Hyundai. He has asked if I had owned a Porsche before so I said no. And so he though that he had a complete Porsche [beep] in front of him. HELLO I am picking up a GT3!! He might know how to explain you the PCM but had no clue on the special features of the GT3. Actually he admitted to me that he had not had his training on the car yet (although he already delivered a few)!!! I spend all this time waiting for my car and they send me a guy who read half a book and new nothing. He kept saying "how do you know this". For example he told me that the front of the cage was being shipped to the dealer. When I told him that was not the case and different than for the 996 model he told me to check my dealer. In response I told him that I am at the factory and that I expect that he know this stuff!! Porsche don't squeeze the last penny out off client facing staff as they are your human face. This guy had none of the passion I expected! Hell my dealer and I would have had so much fun going through the car in detail and this guy ruined it...

    BUT lets focus on the POSITIVE as there is enough to fill a book!!!!!!!!!!

    For those of you who have not had the privilege of picking up a car at the factory they park all the cars that are collected in a large garage (25 a day on average) where the light is really nice and your shiny new car is waiting for you. Now I am not sure what best describes the feeling of coming around the corner and seeing YOUR car waiting for you to drive it home! Hallelujah it looked stunning!! As you know I had moments of doubt what the right color was for me. At the end I went with Black Metallic - and let me tell you it looked perfect. The two white GT3 standing on the other side waiting for their owners did not even get a second look. I was fixed on my baby! Perfect - all that talk on whether black shows all the detailing - well in my book it does and more. I had the chance to see a couple of black RS on the tour which look really aggressive - but the standard GT3 in black looks perfect. Sorry I know I am repeating myself here...

    That first walk around the car, the first touch, you know what I mean. Awesome!! They give you this great picture standing with you in front of your car. My smile is the full width...

    Opening the door the first time. I had my doubts how the alcantara/leather combination would look. Aggressive and very fitting for a track orientated car. For all of you who are hesitant on getting the extra leather pack just do it and also the middle console because it completes the total look. As I have stated before I tried to avoid nomex cover for the seats. Honestly would have preferred the leather/alcantara version but it was a no go with the ClubSport package. I am sure a comfort version of the GT3 will look really good but having a cage in the car just makes it that bit more aggressive, that bit more focus. Every time I look in the rear view mirror I see the cross bars and reminds you where you sit... Speaking of sitting. Given that I have the CS package I also have the buckets. I am 188 cm (6'2'') tall and have wide shoulders and have to say the seats are a perfect fit overall but perhaps a bit tight at the top. Not much different from the 996 GT3 though. But you really have the sensation of sitting low in the car and you really have to guess the dimensions of the car in front. Race car feeling is all I can say...just awesome!! The only thing I would have changed was getting a bit more carbon parts in the car as it would increase the race car feeling even more and fit well. The side sills look really cheap so they will come out soon and replaced with Carbon. Now my dealer has to install the harnesses and perhaps the fire extinguisher - not sure on that yet thought.

    There I was sitting in the car. The last thing I needed to do was...

    HEAR THE VOICE OF THE ENGINE - all 415 horses of it. Thanks to the US you need to press the clutch and break to start the engine. But first you insert the key on the left hand side of the dash - nice... And then you turn it and my baby came to full life. The engine spikes up and then settles at a nice sound not sure if I would say it is loud but you notice it and the car has a welcoming vibration reminding you that this car means business. You blip the throttle and the engine sounds up - yet unless you are moving you are getting short change on the full sound potential. Although the car is still being run in and the best is still to come once you cross the 4,000 RPM where a little valve opens and it is a whole new ball game which promises to get only better as you move up the RPM scale.

    As stated at the beginning. I will hold back on my driving impressions until I have the full experience of releasing all 8,400 RPMs and some fun roads to try the different facets the car offers.

    So watch this space...

    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?


    Re: Living the dream?

    Final one. Enjoy. Let me know if you would like to see a certain angle or part of the car and I will try to do that

    Re: Living the dream?

    Fantastic car Tee1!
    Congratulations! Looking forward to your driving impressions once the break in is over!

    Re: Living the dream?

    Nice car, i love the smell of a fresh car!

    Re: Living the dream?

    Congrats TEE1, I'm sure you'll love your new baby.

    Re: Living the dream?

    Congratulations TEE! Soon I will be in Zuffenhausen too!

    Re: Living the dream?

    Congrats TEE!!

    Fantastic review, now enjoy your new'll have so much fun!!!

    Re: Living the dream?

    Tee 1,

    Very, very nice post!
    And congratulations for that beauty!
    Thanks for the pics

    Re: Living the dream?

    I love it

    Re: Living the dream?

    Please show us pictures of the cage and the pedals.



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