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    Michelin PS 2 repairs

    Before I decide what to do, I need to get some advice from you guys. I have two Michelin PS2 295/30/19 tires that have screws in them (one per tire). They are basically new, but have been punctured (some envious f*** , put drywall screws against the rear tires in my driveway, so that rolling back immediately resulted in puncture.)
    The puncture is in the middle of the tread, no other cuts, nor anything. I didn't drive with a flat tire, nor did I use the sealant goo on them.
    I am tempted to get them professionally fixed and to use them, although I heard that Michelins are disposable after any puncture. Please let me know what you think.

    Re: Michelin PS 2 repairs

    I also "caught" a self tapping screw in my PS2 rear tyre. I called Michelin (I'm in Australia) who put me onto one of their tyre centres. The tyre centre performed an "ultrasonic weld" (basically a rubber plug on the inside) and said I was safe to go. they even gave me a tyre guarantee for 1 year and told me the speed rating still applied. They did however mention that if the screw was close to the sidewall they would not have been able to fix it. Hope this helps.

    Re: Michelin PS 2 repairs

    Get them fixed. As long as the sidewall was not punctured you will be OK. You are lucky you were not at speed on the highway. A few seconds without proper air pressure and the tires destroy themselves (not that you would lose control so quickly you could not stop).

    Consider yourself lucky and the person who did this less fortunate.

    I have had a nail or two but those just from driving around looking at new construction. Lot of nails on the road around new homes so I now never take the 911 to do this.

    Not having a SPARE TIRE never helps, although TWO tires flat is impossible to guard against (obviously the guy who did this does not know that one flat is enough to disable the car.)

    Re: Michelin PS 2 repairs

    Usually the tire loses its speed rating after being repaired.

    Remember, the tires are basically what is keeping you attached to the road. they are probably the most important component of the car. Do NOT try to cut corners when it comes to your safety.

    Food for thought



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