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    Rooflining and sunvisors?

    If no options are selected for these items what is the material used for the rooflining and sunvisors? I'm sure my C4 had Alcantara for the rooflining but not sure about the sunvisors.

    Re: Rooflining and sunvisors?

    Alcantara for the roof and the vinyl leather look for the sunvisors

    Re: Rooflining and sunvisors?

    what ever you do choose the leather sunvisor option as the visors look cheap in the leatherette - alcantara looks good though

    Re: Rooflining and sunvisors?

    Thank you. I love alcantara and would have been happy with sunvisors in that material, but leather is infinetly preferable to vinyl. Actually I'm a bit surprised at that a high value car like this would use that material as standard.

    Re: Rooflining and sunvisors?

    Porsche likes to gouge us customers as much as possible with all their options. You should definitely ask your dealership exactly what is standard as opposed to optional on UK cars since the order guide I sent you is for US cars. Not much of a change I think.

    I ordered the leather sun visors after seeing the standard sun visors. The leatherette is hardly fitting in a car like this.

    Re: Rooflining and sunvisors?

    Once you see a coupe with leather pillars and roof liner, the continuous look is classy and complete. Enough changes in textures are already present with leather, carbon, plastic, etc. Alcantra only adds another texture and feel IMO.
    Good luck with all of your choices.

    Re: Rooflining and sunvisors?

    I have the standard alcantara rooflining - just love the way it feels. But I do have the following options too:

    XMP (leather sunvisors)
    XZD (interior light surround in leather)
    CVW (rear view mirror in leather)

    With a cocoa interior, the alcantara rooflining is in matt black but the leather is obviously cocoa (i.e. dark brown). Since little daylight shines upwards in a Carrera S like mine, the contrast between the matt black and cocoa is slight. IMO it looks perfect. There are few really good photos that show how well this works. I will post some photos when the weather here in London improves.

    IMO, on any car costing this much money, there's no way I would fit leatherette or cheap plastics in obvious places. Just my 2 cents.

    Re: Rooflining and sunvisors?

    I agree with you, unfortunately mine came as standard and it is a little cheap looking. Porsche are simply being too profit focused by saving on this sort of thing. Very clever for the short term but people do notice!

    Re: Rooflining and sunvisors?

    I definitely agree, the standard visors look CHEAP for a car costing this much..go with leather and dont forget leather for the center console or it will be plastic. Leatherette is a nice way of saying it comes standard wraped in hard plastic and "soft touch paint" is a nice way of telling you that it will not be leather. Porsche are masters at charging for every little item they can think of. Full leather DOES NOT mean everything will come standard with leather. Covering the interior with leather will cost over $20K in options which is overkill but a few leather options make all the difference in the world for a car in this price range. My next one will have (1) leather sunvisors (2) leather center console and (3)leather door finishers as a minimum. Don't forget to add $1500+ for their top grade Natural leather option. It never ends...



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