Hi guys,

I was at a showroom yesterday and they had a SL65 on the floor. I just want some opinions before I go ahead and make a decision. I didn't like the 65 in the beginning, but after seeing it a couple times... it grew on me The problem is the price, they want $320,000(which is normal here, considering the %250 tax on exotics) for it. Which seems way too much for a Mercedes IMO, I could rather spend a little more and get a 2nd hand 360 spider or spend much less and get a 2nd hand 360 Modena. What do you think I should do? btw my sl is obsidian black and so is that 65(there are only 2 black 65's in SA) on the floor

any opinions appreciated. thanks

btw i can get $180,000 for my 55 if i trade it in, so i still owe another $140,000