Targa Tim:

Keep the CTT and trade the Landcruiser. 

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Hi Tim, good one, landcruiser is wifies car and the suggestion would put me on hot coles for a week. Even though Joanne is a car dealers daughter (would think she loves cars) my darling Landcruiser is dear to her (don't know why as it is a super tanker to drive, had to take it for shopping this morning and the only good thing is that I can park it anywhere.

Indeed it will be close between the new GT3 or 911 turbo PDK. I am impressed with the new boxter and cayman as well, both were introduced at our local dealer last night, mighty impressive show (good food as well, was too late for the goodies though).

BTW, did you have a 'recall' for your CTT08 as well? I dropped my CTT off on Monday for a supposingly software update.




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