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    Now I'm really mad

    Hi all RS, my car goes down month ago without a reason and just pick up today, and tonight when I try to start my car it just not working, and after couple times tring, smoke come out near the hand brake...
    I was shock, the car is been in garage over 1 month and they even take out the whole engine to check everything and within 12 hr it goes down again, what's wrong with the Porsche HK people, they said the car is been check and test but still go dwon like this.
    Did any one have this exp. and can all bros tell me what shall I do next?

    Re: Now I'm really mad

    Oh dear - it could be anything but sounds like soem sort of electrical short or fault.

    I suggest you call the Porsche Assist and have the car recovered to your dealer - then contact your local Porsche HQ.

    Re: Now I'm really mad

    fsdell, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. This is pretty ridiculous and unacceptable for a high performance vehicle premium brand like PORSCHE.

    Actually, who's your sales? Can you talk to him to put some pressure on CSW's team. Also, did you immediately call the CENTRE? I understand that CSW is closed today due to mid-autumn festival so did they toll it away?

    Actually, I had a terrible experience with my SLK at ZUNG FU and something similar happened. They could NOT remedy my vehicle for 3 months and it kept coming out with the same old problem. I requested for them to replace the vehicle ultimately through LEGAL ACTION and JARDINE FLEMING actually played smart on me and in the end, I lost out and had to sell my car. There's no such thing as a lemon law to protect you but do PM me maybe I can help. I went through 4 months worth of something similar to your case.

    I suggest you immediately call up your SALES FIRST and then call the GERMAN ENGINEER on MONDAY. You need to keep calling them and put pressure on them. Although the 987s is a better car and a good loaner but afterall, you did NOT buy the 987 to drive a loaner for an extended period.

    If I were you, I would ask them to completely replace the engine. Afterall, you had given them 1 month's worth of time and this is a bit unacceptable.

    I sympathize.

    Re: Now I'm really mad

    Thanks for your suggestion, I already call the CENTRE before I write this forum, and I also write up a letter to German and HK Boss about the sistuation.
    Now I need to wait and see what they said this time.

    Re: Now I'm really mad

    Fsdell, they must give you an explanation and promise a replacement. This is Porsche and it is entirely unacceptable and tell them you did not buy the 987 to drive the loaner for a few months. Plus you are suffering from depreciation so you demand and immediate explanation and solution. You need closure on this case.



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