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    Houston Auto Show

    First off I should mention that I didn't take any pictures. You guys have seen many pictures of Cayenne and Enzo on this forum and many others. I also should mention that this year was the first year after many many years that Ferrari participated in Houston Auto Show.

    To make it concise I shall say that the most interesting booths were Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus and Aston Martin. For some strange reason not to many manufacturers participate in Houston Auto Show, why? I don't know.

    But as to Ferrari Enzo, it is one good looking and all in proportion sports, or rather race, car I have ever seen . The picture doesn't do any justice, believe me. They also had 575M which was very interesting and amazingly long.

    Aston Martin and Lotus booth was combined and they had a DB7 and DB7 Vantage and a convertible but no Vanquish.

    And now the main entrée. First let me tell you guys that this is purely my own opinion and does not reflect the mass population about the Cayenne at all.

    I was one disappointment SOB after I laid my eyes on the Cayenne . This car (Cayenne) not only doesn't look like an SUV but looks way smaller than what it appears in all the pictures I have seen.
    I was at the show with two of my friends that are BMW die hearts, believe me they have nothing against Porsche at all, they both at the same time said what the hell is this, as soon as they saw the Cayennes.
    Guys you should know that I LOVE Porsche and there is not a single day that I don't talk, think and breath Porsche, but for god sake who designed this car?

    The interior, my friends and I agrred, was very nicely done but once you stood out side the car and looked at it you'd immediately forget how nice the interior was .
    Mind you that I still have not driven one but I can assure you that driving it won't influence me as to liking the looks.
    My two friends and I admired the other Porsche such as, the beautiful Turbo and C4 S and the new Boxsters but neither Cayenne S nor the Cayenne Turbo made it to our list.

    The funny thing was that there was an older spectator with his son that I over heard him saying "may be they should stick to what they are good at".

    I also happened to see the VW Touareg and it looks very similar to Cayenne except the front head lights looked nicer to me than the ones on the Cayenne. The interior of course was not as nicely done as Porsche Cayenne.

    After seeing Cayenne my ML looks good .

    I was not a bit impressed with the new Cayenne in person but this is my personal opinion.

    Re: Houston Auto Show

    Good report Ron,
    I feel a bit like you about the Cayenne, was surprised by how "low " and small it looked for an SUV.
    On the Development pics that RC posted on the Cayenne board, when I saw the last one, in arctic conditions, I thought the car on the left was a Golf!!!
    One other shocking thing.
    I had a quick chat with my dealer over the phone, and he confirmed me what I feared
    Porsche France has made a study, so far, the Cayenne has taken 25% of 911 clients
    You were right Chirstian.
    Now the worst, my dealer told me last week that a man came in to make an order but was basically hasitating between a Cayenne or C4S
    I didnt know weather I should laugh or cry
    Anyway, let's hope this was an exception, but I have a feeling not.
    People want a Porsche, not necessarily a Carrera, so they might as well go for the family option.
    Good car though, no doubt about it, just not very exciting IMO compared to a sport car.

    Re: Houston Auto Show

    I don't know how things are in the UK, but I regularly run into confused car buyers. Often times they are simply going for the marque or the "prestige" of owning a certain car. Just the other day I met someone deciding between a 996 and a Mercedes E55 AMG. The Porsche name attracted him to the 911, and 470hp attracted him to the Mercedes. He told me he was leaning towards the 911 because people would "notice" him more. Similarly, I saw someone buy a Ferrari because "it looks good". I suppose any reason is reason enough.

    BTW, could you tell me about the test track Millbrook? I'm hoping to make a trip there over the summer.

    Re: Houston Auto Show

    Hi J,
    Sorry I work in the UK but I was talking about France but it's the same everywhere you know, for me, it's the whole package that makes a car attractive.
    One of the reason why I love the 360 so much for example is because it looks great, but then, I wouldn't buy it only for its looks you see, nor only for its badge.
    As for Millbrooks, sorry, can't help, I've heard about the place but that's about it,
    Good luck,



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