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    As promised - picture 295/40 R20 winter wheels

    They look awsome but I'm afraid that they're only really safe on dry (cold) pavement, not necessarily in snow or on icey roads.

    If they're Winter anything, they're Winter TIRES.

    I expect the wheels are not rated for winter, summer, AT, M&S, etc. :-)

    Which tires are they?

    Re: If they're Winter anything, they're Winter TIRES.

    I'll guess Continental 4X4 SportContact

    Personally, I would have said TYRES .....

    But I'm sure you would know what I meant.


    Re: If they're Winter anything, they're Winter TIRES.

    I expect the wheels are not rated for winter, summer, AT, M&S, etc. :-)

    Which tires are they?

    These are 100% winter tires, named Continental 4x4 WinterContact, V speed rating (approved up to 240 kph), 110V weight rating too.
    Recommended especially for regions with not so much snow because the tire size might pose a problem when braking.
    In regions with more snow, the 275/40 R20 is recommended but this is not a Conti tire but a Pirelli as far as I remember.

    HERE is an english description of the Continental WinterContact.

    Re: If they're Winter anything, they're Winter TIRES.

    Jeffrey, I'm just curious: in German we say Winterräder, which means winter wheels in English. Wheel: rim + tire. Tire is just the tire without the rim. Am I missing something? Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to learn.
    I remember a pretty funny confusion when Porsche offered the Sport Design rim in the US for the first time. The german catalogue said "Sport Design Rad" which means Sport Design wheel. Now somebody at PCNA made a "Sport Design Rad" wheel out of it. So everybody in the US was talking about the Sport Design Rad wheel which actually translates into Sport Design wheel wheel.
    Languages can be tricky...and sometimes funny too.

    In English, the rubber part is the tire, the metal part...

    ...the wheel. A wheel is comprised generally of 2 parts. The outer portion the tire mounts to is the rim, while the center bolts to the vehicle's hub. For instance, I have 20" 3-piece wheels with 10"-wide rims.

    Americans often (mis)use 'rim' when they're talking about a wheel.

    Re: As promised - picture 295/40 R20 winter wheels

    Note that the Continental Tire site that RC provided the link for, ("HERE") above, listed a Winter Sport 255/55 R 18 V XL FR N0*! The * means "in preparation". That's the slightly fatter n-spec 'snow' tire that we image conscious americans with 18" wheels have been looking for. What does the 'FR' mean?

    Correction: 'WinterContact' not 'Winter Sport'(nt)

    Re: As promised - picture 295/40 R20 winter wheels

    I just got an extra set of wheels for the winter: 18" turbo wheels with Donlop snowtires (Porsche equipment) I got to use it the same day in the snow in upstate NY. The main thing is that they are narrower than the summer tires, so I do not understand the 295's as winter tires.

    Re: As promised - picture 295/40 R20 winter wheels

    The main thing is that they are narrower than the summer tires, so I do not understand the 295's as winter tires.

    It is very simple: they look good. Of course narrower tires are better for snow and icey roads, especially when it comes to braking. But the 235 size doesn't look that good on the Cayenne.
    The 295 (or 275) winter tires are for people who don't get to have much snow. If you're living in an area without much hills or even mountains and you still have some snow (not much) but especially very cold outside temperatures, the 295/275 tires might be a "better" choice. Don't forget that below 7*C, summer tires loose much of their traction/braking abilities. High performance tires sometimes even below 11*C.

    I don't drive much around the mountains (the Alps are just 90 km away from me and I can see them on a clear day from my window), just skiing in Austria for a week or so. I have 255 winter tires on my ML55 and they kept up pretty good so far with any situation I encountered, including huge snow, even blizzards and driving up to 2400 m on sleigh track in the mountains. Never needed the chains I carry with me.
    BTW chains: the problem is that there aren't chains available for the 275/295 20'' tires. So I might reconsider going for the 275s for my Cayenne Turbo because the law in Austria and in some snow regions sometimes obliges one to put chains on the car, no matter if a 4WD or not (because of braking). I don't want to get stuck in Austria because I can't (legally) drive away without chains.

    That said, I think the Porsche approved 235s are the best choice for mixed (snow, dry, ice, rain, etc.) winter driving but if one doesn't drive to the mountains and there isn't much snow around, the 275/295 tires really look good on the Cayenne.



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