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    C6 Z06 Test results


    I hope the following will sound interesting for some of you :
    Having Read full reports from. US magazines (Car and Driver, Road and Track), I was quite
    Impatient to Read Z06 testings from Euro magazines.
    Finally, the french weekly mag published today full report of the Corvette C6 Z06.
    This is a quite good quality magazine, very much oriented in Sports (Formula One, WRC, Champcar)
    With very useful informations and interviews..(maybe Fanch can give his opinion about it ?).

    Anyway, here are the results :

    Corvette C6 Z06
    Measured weight : 1440 kgs (vs 1419 factory)
    0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) : 4.6 s
    (little disapointing because of poor traction partly due to cold conditions 0* C)
    400 m from. Standing still : 12.4 s
    1000 m from. Standing still : 21.8 s

    For , here is what they measured in the past :

    Ferrari Enzo (August 2003, hot sunny day on Fiorano test track)
    0-100 km/h : 3.5s
    400m : 11.2 s
    1000m : 19.6 s

    One precision to anticipate Lynx eye answer :
    The Enzo testing was made with factoy test driver
    Dario Benuzzi behind the wheel, and the journalist
    with him..
    0-100 km/h and 400m was measured with the magazine equipment
    1000m is a guess based upon
    acceleration curve since of course there is no
    1000m straight on Fiorano

    Mercedes SL65 AMG (September 2004, hot sunny day, same driver as z06 today)
    Measured weight : 2045 kgs
    0-100 km/h : 4.8s
    400m : 12.7s
    1000m : 22.4s

    Ferrari 575M HGTC (tested same day than SL65 in comparo, same driver as z06 today)
    Measured weight : 1780 kgs
    0-100 km/h : 5.2 s
    400m : 13.3s
    1000m : 23.2s

    Gallardo E-gear (May 2004, sunny day, same driver as z06 tocay)
    Measured weight : 1605 kgs
    0-100 km/h : 5.2s
    400m : 13.4s
    1000m : 23.3s
    (they had somme troubles with electronics of E-gear, thus so-so results ??)

    Porsche 996 TT 420hp (tested same day than Gallardo, same driver as z06 today)
    Measured weight : 1595 kgs
    0-100 km/h : 4.6s
    400m : 12.9s
    1000m : 23s

    Porsche 997 CarreraS with PCCB (October2004, same driver as z06 today)
    Measured weight : 1450 kgs
    0-100 km/h : 5s
    400m : 13.3s
    1000m : 23.5s

    Aston Martin V8 Vantage (February2006, same driver than z06 today)
    Measured weight : 1625 kgs
    0-100 km/h : 5.4s
    400m : 13.5s
    1000m : 24s

    I think this comparison is interesting because it all has been done with THE SAME driver, and they usually
    use always the same place for performances measurement.

    Overall, he found the Z06 highly impressive despite issues like lack of support from seats and little brake fade during hard track (ab)use...

    I find especially the 1000m acceleration
    time astounding

    Enjoy !

    My apologies for English faults as this is not my mother langage...

    PS : here is the scan; Of course it's in French ... some of you will be able to Read it;
    I guess ALL of you will be able to understand the figures !

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results


    Re: C6 Z06 Test results


    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    Thanks for the post .

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results


    Re: C6 Z06 Test results


    Re: C6 Z06 Test results


    Re: C6 Z06 Test results


    Re: C6 Z06 Test results


    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    Dont really know who is driving the cars for the tests, but some achived times seam way to slow (turbo, gallardo....). Maybe he sometimes forgets to release the hand brake.

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    the tested Gallardo was having troubles with E-Gear
    For the 996

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    Thanks Teva

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    Thanks for the results Teva,

    I can confirm Auto Hebdo is a descent publication, definitely better than mainstream mag Sport Auto (French version, awful but large distribution) or Flat 6 (getting worse by the issue, what kind of magazine posts performance to the 1/1000 of seconds!!! )

    Re the times posted, all the posted acceleration times are consistently slower that manufacturers' times, which would lead me to think that the tester doesn't give the car a rocket launch (burry the clutch, rev to 5000 rpm, release the clutch, repeat about 10 times and buy a new clutch! )

    For the Gallardo, not surprised, F1 clutch slippage when not engaging launch control or thrust function.
    Not even sure of the G has a thrust function?

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    thanks Teva, excellent report!!

    the z06 seems to be a good car for real, we'll have to see the acceleration times from auto motor sport in their new issue due in a couple of days. Those numbers are usually the same as sport autos

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results


    For the Gallardo, not surprised, F1 clutch slippage when not engaging launch control or thrust function.
    Not even sure of the G has a thrust function?

    the "thrust mode" was introduced with the SE's E-gear as far as i remember.

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    avoe is right some peformance figures are kinda weird...

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    The writter, Didier Robert, used to be a test-driver for Renault before deciding to become a reporter.

    So he is worth beeing trusted.

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    It's not only the driver.American magazines do their tests on drag strips and speed/power shift.

    European magazines don't go to the drag strip because there aren't that many over here.Also,speed/power shifting is not used.

    American magazines always get better results in acceleration than European magazines,no matter where the cars come from.

    BTW,straight line acceleration isn't difficult at can people sometimes say something like "it was a driver's race"?

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    ....and the time of Gallardo SE??

    Re: C6 Z06 Test results

    Merci pour la ... pictures!



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