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    test-drive 997pdk+9974S pdk+spc

    Well this time had a brief test-drive (this was about 2 weeks ago or so) with a 997 carrera with PDK, and with a carrera 4S with PDK+ SCP....

     I've had no material time to enjoy writing this interview here at rennteam, due to loads of I'´ll try to put what I remember most of that day...Smiley

     We only had the cars for an afternoon, and temperature and climate wasn't the best at was a very rainy day, and was quite with the surface in wet conditions, I couldn't squeeze the cars, the way I want it Smiley...

     If you remember, I had the luck of test-driving for a complete weekend a Carrera S cabriolet with PDK+SCP......

    here is the link in case, you never saw it:

    My feelings towards the new facelift, are exactly the same, but probably even better !!!Smiley , its a piece of machinery that sounds, and goes like a rocker, specially with PDK.

    First dealer let us for some hours the 997 carrera (not S version) in white colour with blue interior, equipped with PDK but not with sport chrono plus....

     After that we returned the keys to them and got out a carrera 4S equipped with PDK+Sport Crono Plus, we only had this car for about 1.5 hours, so everything was too short....and this time it was rainning a lot.

     The feeling in both cars is COMPLETELY THE SAME, personally I didnt experienced more security in the 4S, while entering curves (of course not at risky speeds, due to weather), but both variants felt completely the same...

    In terms of engine sound, I thought the 4S was going to sound more deep with a higher growl, but engine sound was exactly the same....this new metallic exhaust note, sounds amazing, much better than in the mk1...being standstill, and hitting the accelerator with a brave touch, but not that hard, from 800rpm to 2.500rpm, it quickly reminds you how special this machine is...

    In terms of performance, gotta say I didnt experienced any differences at all....both cars go like a rocket..

    Another point I have reached to, and this one very clear to that you have to specc this car in a ¨clean¨ exterior colour, like white for example.....ITS JUST BEAUTY IN WHITE, I was amazed how nice it looked the carrera in white colour, those air vents in the front are really pronounced, as well as the rear led Gnil you may be got the wrong exterior colour !!!! SmileySmiley

    On the other hand, the carrera 4/4S rear looks just so elegant and sporty, its way too different to the carrera/carrera S rear, may be I would only pay the extra 10.000€difference just because of the looks, and not because of the 4 wheel drive Smiley

     PDK is perfect, very smooth, and cruising in 7th gear WITHOUT sport chrono plus is a good combination for long trips...with sport crhono plus ON, isn't a good idea, specially for fuel consumption...

     Anyways, the MAIN conclusion I've reached to is the following:

    Specc the car as you want, with no options at all, or with the entire list that Porsche offers, but......SPEC YOUR 997.2 WITH SPORT CHRONO PLUS, without this feature, I'm sorry to say this...but your 911 won't be a true 911 Smiley, its another experience that very few people have experienced, your occupants will only want to get out of the car while cruising(like it happened to me, hahaha), you get a dose of adrenaline, and throw up all that stress produced from work. Smiley

     I know I haven't said any new things about the new facelift, because from my personal opinion, there isn't bad things at all....apart from the price increase....actually a normally carrera S specced will go up to the 997GT3 range, and this is the only true disadvantage, but except from this.....its for me a car of 10/10....

    If I had to choose between the two variants tested, I would get the Carrera with PDK but with sport chrono plus...there is no need to spend another extra 20.000€ for a car that is the same, sounds the same, goes the same....etc.... except for the looks!!!!

    In some days, I'll post the delivery pics when it takes place....I can't say what variant or colour to make things more exciting, but one thing is for sure....its coming with PDK and of course with Sport Chrono Plus. Smiley

    Some pics of that day....


    Re: test-drive 997pdk+9974S pdk+spc

    Great write-up - thanks for posting Smiley

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    Re: test-drive 997pdk+9974S pdk+spc


    Re: test-drive 997pdk+9974S pdk+spc

    no magic button !, sport chrono plus!, BIG BIG ERROR!!!

    Re: test-drive 997pdk+9974S pdk+spc


    Re: test-drive 997pdk+9974S pdk+spc

    some pics of the 4S....


    Re: test-drive 997pdk+9974S pdk+spc

    the only fat ¨ass¨ that I love, and will love !!! Smiley

    Re: test-drive 997pdk+9974S pdk+spc

    Thanks for your post, did not realized there is a different between C2 and C4 in terms of rear design (the red reflecting strip)...



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