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    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    Thanks for the link.

    Despite the much less body roll, the old gen. CTT can still fully keep up with it. That raises my question of whether PDCC is really necessary for regular day to day driving. I'm sure it will drive better, but I just cannot justify the price for this option.

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    I got it... but I have never driven a cayenne before so I bet I wont notice the difference.

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    I will tell you guys tomorrow, I will be comparing the old cayenne with the new one with PDCC at the track.

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    Carlos from Spain said:
    I will tell you guys tomorrow, I will be comparing the old cayenne with the new one with PDCC at the track.

    your the man Carlos!

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    OK, I'm back. I'll do my best to explain the experience of the PDCC.

    I did a series os slalom tests coupled with a few curves on the track with a CayenneS/PASM-PDCC and a Cayenne/std.suspension. I didn't have a Cayenne with PASM and no PDCC so I would have to use my memory to compare with the Cayenne-onlyPASM.

    First is that the PDCC is indeed clearly noticeable when you push the pace. The effect of the PDCC is that it not only makes the Cayenne corner practically flat, giving the sensation of more stability and smoother ride through the bends, but it does actually improve the handling. And the way it does it is by decreasing the weight transfer when turning, hence when you turn in, the car settles quicker into the turn therefore allowing you more control when changing direccion and steering inputs.
    So when doing a slalom course, the effect is that the turn in and out is much smoother with less need for steering corrections due to the weight tranfer changes, and allows you better control.

    On the other hand, while the difference betweed and PCCD/PASM car and a std.suspension car is night and day, the difference between a Cayenne-PASM and a Cayenne-PASM/PDCC is significantly less. To the point that in normal US city driving you wouldn't notice much, simply because there isn't a lot of G's and weight transfer going on.

    Personally, I think its a very worthwhile option that makes the Cayenne even more dinamic, but it depends on the use the Cayenne will recieve.

    BTW, the Cayenne with PDCC had the Sport Exhaust... what a great sound! definately a must option that you wouldn't regret IMO. Its not as loud as my CarreraS Sport Exhaust, but the V8 growl is definately there and makes you head turn to it. Very noticeable, but its not too loud.

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    Hey Carlos,

    Thanks for the very useful review. It confirms my belief that it is not as beneficial with city driving vs track or off-road driving. Looks like I will spend the money on Pano roof instead.

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    grazie Carlos

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    Thanks Carlos! Great report.

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    Thanks Carlos, very interesting input.

    Re: Video - Slalom test pdcc vs old cayenne

    Thank you Carlos... im glad I oredered it. Defintly worth the $3,500.



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