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    New Car

    Hey gents... Never really had time to update on whats going on in my garage, been hectic busy lately ...

    1st, my GT3's (996 MKII) gone ... Sold about 3months ago...So sad, it was my first Porsche, let alone first 'exotic' car. I've now got my eye on a 997 GT3 but first gotta wait a bit. I just moved into a new aparment and its killing me financially .

    Got a Demo Opel Astra OPC afterwards and I love the car to be honest. It's nowhere as fast as the Porsche and handling is behind as well but its still quite fun. I love the sound, like nothing I've heard before when the Turbo's spool up. One of my buddies said it sounds like a dentists drill ounce he gets to your teeth . I was quite impressed by its acceleration too. Just about keeps up with a 550 BMW (almost) and handling is decent too. Quite alot of understeer on the extreme limit though. Just about perfect for what I need now.

    These are the only pics I have for now...Crappy pics taken by my friend on his crappy phone :
    Sorry for the quality..

    Re: New Car

    Another... again so sorry for the quality. I'll take more with a digicam and post them when I've got time. What really amazed me though is how much attention this car gets. Just about the same as the GT3, its amazing. My car was a demo like I said and its got a big Opel decal on the side in silver so it doesnt really look like other OPC's. I've got the "Plus" pack too so It's 19" wheels, leather, xenon and some other details.
    Theres not alot of them around yet too.

    Re: New Car

    Saw a few drive past me - it's a very butch looking hatchback.


    Re: New Car

    Congrats on the car!
    It will actually keep up with the 550i quite well up to 200 km/h. The 550i does it in 20 seconds flat and this car does it just a bit slower (the Vectra OPC does it in 24 seconds and this is mich lighter). Probably quite a shock for the driver in the other car .

    Re: New Car

    I love the Astra coupe look. Congrats on the new car! I am a fan of hot hatches but chose a Golf GTI DSG over the Astra.

    Re: New Car

    Thanxx guys...
    Crash: Yeah most other guys are suprised when they see how this car performs...Wet weather driving though with TC off is a learning experience ...

    WAY: Never really thought about the GTI. Its a nice car no doubt but there are way to much of them driving around and its not as fast as the Astra... Looks wise the Golf cant compare too IMO...



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