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    Re: 996 Turbo Day

    Any internal reinforcements to get that kind of power, or just bigger Turbos, ECU and complete exhaust?
    What tuner did you used if you don't mind my asking.


    Re: 996 Turbo Day

    Car was tuned at sportec at stage 2 (almost), no internal improvements. It has carbon airbox, improved turbos (base on stock ones with reworked intake, output etc), new intake tubing and stock exhaust with racing cats. The biggest gain though came from the fact that the engine was opened up by sportec because of a typical problem with 996tts (loose intemediate shaft screw) and then put back together. In that process they had the chance to correct a lot of the mistakes that the factory has made in this engine that restrict power. The gain was 30-40hp just by opening up, cleaning the engine, correcting those mistakes and putting back together. Two of the most important mistakes were regarding the intake cam (off by almost 1 degree on most 996tt from factory) as well as some of the turbo tubing that have wide diameter on the sides but are narrow in the middle section! Apparently porsche wanted to use the same part for the tiptronic where there is restriction of space..! The last 2 "improvements" had as a result the engine to produce more and more power until 7,000rpm+ instead of up to 6,000rpm of the stock engine. So all of the above yield 540hp and 850nm of torque.

    Re: 996 Turbo Day

    did you go to Switzerland to have that done?

    Re: 996 Turbo Day

    Yes, zurich. I strongly recommend it since they program the ecu on the dyno and I ve been very happy indeed with their work. The car is really fun to drive and the torque is amazing.

    Re: 996 Turbo Day

    GT I cross posted your post on Rennlist, hope you don't mind.


    Re: 996 Turbo Day

    sure no problem. Being new in this, where is that list?

    Re: 996 Turbo Day

    Most common peformance problems on Turbos,
    MAF meters either because its getting dirty from a very dirty Air Filter or its faulty, usally due to age. Either way its best or you will have to change it.

    The car could also be overdue fo a spark plug change, if you drive the car very hard you must do a major service at around 12 000Km were they will chnage the plugs.

    The best is to just take the car to a Porsche Center were they can diagnose the peformance problem with the car.

    Re: 996 Turbo Day

    Turbo 911 said:
    Why was the silver one faster???

    How the car was treated during break in can make a noticable difference to the cars performance.



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