Today the MotoGP pre-season official training at Montmelo finished and Capirossi was clocked at 347km/h at the end of the straight! (thats 14km/h faster than last year and about 22km/h faster than Schummi's F1) its crazy, they will have to limit soon the HP of these "new" 4-stroke liter bikes since they are starting to become scary as they have evolved a lot since their start 2 years ago when they substituded the 500cc 2 stroke bikes.

BTW, Rossi surprised everyone by making the fastest lap above the Hondas, Ducs and Suzukis in his first time in the Yamaha M1 (supposedly inferiro to Honda, at least till Rossi got on it and set it up) the kid is a genius.

Its going to be an exiting season this year: Rossi on a new bike for him that was inferior to the Honda he had last year, Biaggi on the Honda can't use the excuse that Rossi has a fasfer bike and he has newcomer Takada as a teamate which may also beat him. Sete Gibernau was the only one able to compete against Rossi last year and he has a "official" Honda. Ducati has two teams now to compete and with spaniard Xaus, that comes from superbikes is doing great lap times. Colin Edwards is in Rossi's team and benefiting from Rossi's talent to set-up the bike is alos doing great lap times. Suzuki with Kenny Roberts are much faster than last years horrible season, they seem be getting the high-tech suzuki to work... only three weeks till the South African GP