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    From 360 to 420

    FERRARI IS FIGHTING back the power battle by giving a 4.2-litre shot to its 360 Modena and Spider.
    In comes the Ferrari edition of the 4.2-litre V8 engine from Maserati Coupé. Expect power to rise from 400 hp to 460 hp and the 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) time to drop from 4.5 sec. to around 4 sec.
    As well as the new engine a revised F1 paddle-shift gearbox and cosmetic tweaks inside and out are designed to keep the Ferrari on the pace. The faster Ferraris are ready to race in the showrooms in a year's time.

    Re: thanks for the info, sounds nice (no text)

    really, no text here

    He he he, Ron...

    ...check this old news message from our site:

    Future Modena

    We already knew that half a year ago...are we good or not?

    I'm falling behind here gota' work harder, NT

    Re: this is not fair ;-)

    there's no info about horsepower and 0-100 time in the old (and well known) news about the 420M! and ferrari addicts like me are thankful for ANY info about the upcoming modena successor!
    cheers; zzboba

    Thanks for the info Ron

    May I ask if this is an official announcement made by Ferrari, or if it's still just rumours.
    There have been a lot of different stories concerning a modena power upgrade or replacement lately...

    Re: I'm falling behind here gota' work harder, NT

    You got me wrong, Ron. I was very happy to read your news, just wanted to point out that we already knew about a "420" 6 months ago.

    To zzboba: we avoided writing about performance and especially power figures to avoid uncovering our source.

    To Luigi: well, as official as the news that GM still wants to take the major part of Fiat, incl. Ferrari.

    Forgot to mention that...

    ...Ron makes part of the Discussion Team as a forum moderator and we're very very thankful for his great work.

    Re: From 360 to 420

    It's going to be interesting to see a performance comparison between this and the upcoming "mini lambo."

    Also, there may be so many new players in this segment:

    Audi RSR with W12 @ 500bph
    BMW V10 mid-engine @ 500bph
    Bentley GT coupe W12 @ 500bph
    Next Generation NSX with 450 bph
    Nissan Skyline GT-R with 450bph
    Next generation Porsche with 450bph
    Toyota Supersport GT V-10 @ 450bph
    And the "mini lambo" V10 @ 500 bph

    I'm wondering if 460 bph will be sufficient for Ferrari?

    Re: ron parting?

    ron ist parting as moderator? this is no good news but i hope ron is gonna stay as a member!


    Is there something you know that I don't ? I wasn't planing on leaving this board at all, haven't been active recently because of our new baby that takes much time otherwise this board is mt only get away place .

    Is my English really THAT bad?

    Just curious.

    Ron is not parting(?)...he is a Moderator and a pretty good one.

    Re: good to hear

    maybe i got RC wrong when he wrote something about "ron makes part..." but anyway, i am glad to hear that you are still with us

    Re: probably MY english is bad

    but everything's clear now!

    450hp NSX?

    I hadn't heard anything about this. Can someone shed some light (or spread some rumors)?




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