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    photo cayenne

    Re: photo

    photo cayenne

    This photo is actually the "problem" the Cayenne has.
    How many Cayenne Turbo owners will drive their expensive 450 HP SUV off-road? I own a ML55 AMG for more than two years now and it never saw serious off-roading (and probably will never do in the future).
    Some reduced off-road capabilities would have led to a lower weight, a better fuel ratio and better performance. But Porsche had to learn this lesson too the hard way: there is no sportscar SUV.

    Re: photo

    I agree.

    If I pay nearly (with few options) 100K for a car, I make damn sure is always clean and shiny and won't go over speed bumps too hard.

    Porsche is just concentrating on "OFF-ROADING" capabilities too much .

    Opinions are just like as..oles--everybody's got one...

    ...and they usually stink. So both you fellows think Porsche should have built just another
    SUV, albeit expensive, like the X5? I disagree. I think Porsche built just the right combination of on- and off-pavement capabilities, and that's why I ordered one. Just one reason I didn't buy an X5 is that it doesn't have a low-range transfer case. And you'd like the chassis liter weight and hence less stiff? That stiffness is necessary for excellent on-pavement handling of 460 pounds-feet of torque.

    Sorry boys, I think you're wrong.

    Re: Opinions are just like as..oles--everybody's got one...

    I agree with Mr Behr. If the Cayenne had been a repeat of the X-5/ML I would not have been in the market for one.

    Re: Opinions are just like as..oles--everybody's got one...

    Really, Mr. Behr has a serious point to make but I have something else to add. Honestly guys, if you can afford to buy the car (Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes), I sure hope you would drive the hell out of it. Porsches were meant to be driven and driven hard. A little dirt won't hurt it. If you happen to ding it up, a quick trip to the dealership should fix it up nicely. If you can't afford the repair costs (or are afraid of the repair costs) then you had no business buying it in the first place. I do not mean to step on any toes here. I certainly am in no place at all to afford a Porsche any time soon (too young) but I really envy you guys. If I was able to buy a Porsche (Boxster, 911, or Cayenne), it would be my daily driver and I would drive it like it was meant to be driven (hard). Now granted, I wouldn't abuse it but after I had a couple of coats of wax put on it once a year I wouldn't worry about how clean it was but once every week or so. That is unless I had a date that day...

    So come on guys...I have heard you complain about those people who buy Ferraris and then store them in their garages or drive them "when its not raining". Don't do the same with your Porsches. Drive them like you stole them (within legal limits) and them wash them on Sunday. The rest of the week just do your worst. For the Cayenne - get the groceries with the ball and chain, tow your boat, wipe that arrogant grin off that teenager in the 5.0 Mustang at the next traffic light, see if you can really roll the thing on the paths less taken...just have fun with one of the most incredible sports cars (err...trucks) on the planet.

    Porsche has the Cayenne spot on. A perfect compliment to the 911, Boxster, and soon to be GT Coupe (?).

    Robbie, you may be young, but I think you're wise...

    ...beyond your years. Automobiles of all kinds, at least the vast majority of them, are just get you back and forth to work, the grocery store, the lake, the canyon I want to fotograf, etc. Lots of people suck air when I tell them I'm going to drive my Cayenne off-pavement. "Oh how can you do that with a hundred-thousand-dollar car?" they say. Because that's why I bought it. If it's not suitable for being my all-purpose vehicle--I have only one--I don't want it.

    Robbie's right--treat it nicely, don't abuse it, and wash it every week, but after those qualifications, just USE it. If it ends up with 'Arizona pin-striping' from the bushes alongside the trail, so be it. If I scratch or ding a wheel, that's the way it goes. If I break a tire on the really sharp rocks, it won't be the first one, and I'll just buy another. The real questions include did the Cayenne get me there and back, did I have a good time, and did I get a portfolio-grade pic. I'm confident I'll be able to say that the Cayenne was reliable and a joy to drive.

    Re: Robbie, you may be young, but I think you're wise...

    Exactly! I couldn't agree more. Off-road driving can be a lot of fun and some minor scrapes on the car are not going to concern me. Maybe there are some forum members that simply don't have any interesting places to go off-road near them.

    Re: Robbie, you may be young, but I think you're wise...

    Exactly! I couldn't agree more. Off-road driving can be a lot of fun and some minor scrapes on the car are not going to concern me. Maybe there are some forum members that simply don't have any interesting places to go off-road near them.

    Well, in Germany we're very very limited by the law and/or environmental regulations.
    I still think that the Cayenne doesn't really need real off-road capabilities, especially not the Turbo.
    Maybe Porsche should have done what they wanted to do at the beginning: offering an optional off-road package at additional cost. Most people who own a Cayenne are using it for the family, towing or both. A very few number of owners go off-roading in their expensive Turbo. There are a lot of fine SUVs in the US who are better equipped for off-roading and they're much cheaper. I agree that it is nice to know that you can if you want to but if you really don't have the chance to, why accept the disadvantages like more weight and higher fuel consumption?
    Imagine a Cayenne Turbo without real off-road capabilities but a weight below 2000 kg. Wow, it would probably have the same performance as a 996 and maybe even better.

    Don't get me wrong, guys. I probably know the Cayenne much better than most owners here but I'm still mad at Porsche that they didn't achieve a lower weight and a more attractive (not to say: courageous) design. But I also understand that people who bought it, (have to) love it.

    Re: Robbie, you may be young, but I think you're wise...

    In their target market I do not think weight is a serious issue. From a performance standpoint I certainly understand what you are trying to say but there are other issues. In the US, where gasoline is not so expensive, much of the perceived value of an SUV is the sense of protection from the outside world that many drivers get from having a large, heavy vehicle surronding them. The off-road capabilities enhance this perception by giving the vehicle a rugged character endowing the vehicle with the capability of surmounting any challanges the road, or lack of road, might present. This fits well also with the American sense of independence and self reliance. So, I might agree with the logic of your point but I believe the perceived needs of the target audience are more in line with the product that Porsche produced.

    For myself, I find off-roading entertaining and have an actual need (or want) for that ability. It can certainly be done cheaper in other places but I also want great on-pavement performance, since that is how the vehicle will be used the vast majority of the time, and, I don't want two vehicles. The last issue is not monetary but just a personal preference; I like to keep my life as simple as possible. I seem to find more than enough ways to complicate it without having a bunch of cars in my driveway.



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