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    this week's fifth gear.....

    don't know about you but Fifth Gear is so much better than Top Gear as a car show these days. TG has become a bit of a
    general entertainment show that involves cars sometimes...

    Jason Plato loves the new 997 Turbo. Smart man!

    I think you can download it here CLICK later on this week

    Re: this week's fifth gear.....

    sorta kinda agree. 5th gear is actually reviewing cars and having real things- opposed to top gear which is now just more of a flashier car show with less and less reviews.

    What I HATE about Top Gear.

    STUPID CONTESTS- maybe it's me, but having the same stupid contests of a great vehicle versus something that isn't even in the same league and of course- the great vehicle always losing is just dumb. Moreover, the races are generally NEVER close.

    Example: A dakar rally truck
    Vs. a POWERED kiyack

    oh yeah- the kiyack simply must go in a straight line and turn a bit- the truck must navigate up and down hills to get the the checkpoint.

    Come ON!!! that's just [censored] dumb.

    Another Example- the Bugatti Veyron vs. plane, train, and automobile co hosts--- try to skip a few islands back to britain using alternate modes of transportation vs. the freeway and Veyron.

    What they could have done with the damn car is RACE it vs a McLaren F1, an Enzo, a Porsche GT, ect. Instead of simply drive it a few thousand miles against bullshit.

    Re: this week's fifth gear.....

    Couldn't agree more, Clarkson is more of a funny guy/entertainer, Tiff is a genuine race car driver. Could somone please post the 997tt episode on Youtube or Googlevideo, I can't get the videos on that site to work. Thanks.

    Re: this week's fifth gear.....

    I think TG maybe getting a bit complacent - they're sitting on the Emmy Award and think they're the best car show on earth!
    Agree that some tests are stupid but Flash cars vs Public transport is fun though looked staged sometimes..



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