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    Notchy shifter

    I have the sport shifter option in my 6 sp. TT. I really like this option and under most circumstances changing gear is easy, direct and smooth. However, when I accelerate hard and therefore have to change up quite quickly, I often encounter a notch between 2nd and 3rd. This can completely blow my otherwise quick change. The problem seems to be a little notch on the upper horizontal part of the gate between 2nd and 3rd, that catches and momentarily holds the gear lever. It happens when I am applying a little upward pressure to the gear lever in the horizontal part of the gate. If I am slower and more deliberate it's not an issue, but when you're in a hurry to slip the lever into 3rd, there is a tendency (at least in my case) to start applying a little upward pressure before the lever is quite in the vertical part of the gate. Of course, all this happens in a split second. With the engine off I can feel the little notch if I slowly move the gear stick between 2nd and 3rd, but only if I apply slight upward pressure in the horizontal part of the gate. Hope that makes some sense?!

    Is this normal? If so I guess I need to modify my technique a little. If not normal, has anyone encountered this and found a fix? I have absolutely no doubt my unsympathetic dealer will tell me that it's all my fault and I need to take some driving lessons.

    Re: Notchy shifter

    Iono i find it hard for mwe to shift from 1st to second somtimes but other than that I love mine. Defeintely feels like a race car for the road.

    Re: Notchy shifter

    Perhaps a change of gear oil is normal. Also it is perfectly normal for the car to feel notchy when the engine is cold.

    Also, do NOT play with the shifer when the car is off.

    Re: Notchy shifter

    I had the same problem my at higher RPM it was not as noticeable.

    Re: Notchy shifter

    PandaMan said:
    Iono i find it hard for mwe to shift from 1st to second somtimes but other than that I love mine. Defeintely feels like a race car for the road.

    With your recent experience at an intersection I wouldn't be making statements like that for awhile. Wouldn't help your case with the insurance folks. Keep a very low profile until the smoke clears.



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