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    Shelby Super Snake

    First let me state tht of the forums that I lurk I respect thepeople on this one the most so here goes.

    I just confirmed my order for a Shelby Super Snake GT 500 today. Hey I love Porsches, and have owned at leat one all the time for the last 40+ years.
    Recently I was about to pull the trigger on a 07' GT3...but I have a 997s that I love and it is only worth 60 or 70k and my lease is up. If I bought the GT3 and traded my 997S I would have to spend another 65+k and would probably trade it into the GT3. If I buy the Shelby I can keep the 997S and have them both for the same money. So I am thinking that two is better than one and I am thinking of buying the Shelby and keeping the 997S. WHAT is wrong with this logic I know I will not get the GT3. But what do you people think?? I still will have my Porsche and maybee a very fast toy (600 hp)to boot in the Shelby.
    My question is in five years which car or cars will be worth more and give me the most fun.
    Your input is most appreciated.

    Re: Shelby Super Snake

    The Shelby market is its own universe, financially you could be ahead in a couple of weeks or in a few years. That aside, its triton based engine is a heavy cast iron lump over the front wheels and it doesnt rev quick like a 911 motor or a built Chevy V8.. but its got a lot of torque.

    Keep the 997S. Get the Shelby and flip it to the Barret Jackson crowd if you get bored with it.

    Re: Shelby Super Snake

    The Shelby is a great car for the money for sure. Anything associated with his name will be worth money in the future, but you have to ask yourself if you want to buy a car for what it's going to be worth or have fun with it now.
    Personally, and I know you're familiar with Corvettes based on your sig, I'd seriously look at a new Z06. It's going to cost about the same as the Shelby, but even with the extra HP of the Shelby it will not be as quick as the Z06 because of the weight difference. They weigh almost 4000lbs. I've actually converted a long-time Ford owner to buy a used C5. He never looked back.
    In the end, I don't think you can go wrong with either choice if you get to keep the 997s. You asked for opinions, but go with what you want. Just don't pay over list price for the Shelby. Look for a dealer willing to sell it at list price. They do exist.

    Re: Shelby Super Snake

    If I were you I would keep the 911 and get the super cobra too. Of course 911 and SCobra they're in different classes but with SCobra you won't go wrong, it's a piece of history and on the contrary to your 911, its value will increase as it ages.

    For sure not a nimble car but delivers so much torque and it sounds great.



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