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    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    Great you thinck this way too! Otherwise one could think i was exagerating!

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    Guys, does having the Europipe fitted affect your Porsche warranty at all?

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    It mostly depends on your dealer. In reality if anything goes wrong with your car they have to prove it was the mods that caused the problem.

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    boytronic said:
    Guys, does having the Europipe fitted affect your Porsche warranty at all?

    I don't know, my warranty expires in april anyway.

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    beltar said:
    Porker said:

    If you've got to much time on your hands, please treat your fellow Rennteamers to a soundfile

    sorry but my PC-knowledge doesn't reach that far

    Just record with your digicam and upload on youtube, can't be easier

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    Looking good Beltar

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    Looks like a tidy install. Did you take the opportunity to clean the chassis whilst the rear bumper was off.

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    Queram said:
    The only video I saw is the one on their website. It sounds very nice I think. I would love to hear sme different clips. Europipe uses x51 headers and the system weighs the same as stock. Their performance claims are also moderate compared to other tuners.


    I wrote what I wrote with good intentions Europipe is on top on my list for a while now. The sound seemed very 993 ish to me which is appealing. I remmeber when I got my car last year around April I came by a 993 at the lights opposing me and he floored it when the light turned green. I am after something similar. I believe their numbers and I also believe that it is very close to what you can get in a NA car.

    ERdoc I was thinking about sending you a PM if you got your exhaust and as I see you did. I am desperately looking forward to see some multimadeia files

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    Some videos please??

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    What's the cost???

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    I took this from their site:

    997S sport exhaust system consists of:

    * 1 set sport mufflers
    * 1 set sport catalytic convertors with 100 cells per square inch
    * 1 set OEM X51 headers
    * 4 sets exhaust clamps
    * 2 tube clamps to hold the catalytic convertors
    * 1 set modified chromed OEM dual tailpipes (optional 1 set modified chromed Tequipment 997 Carrera oval tailpipes)
    * bolts and gaskets

    Power gain is 16 hp and 18 Nm / 13 Lbs ft.
    Same weight as stock.
    Price of the complete sport exhaust system: $ 4860.00

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    Thanks so much. It makes you realize how much Porsche purposely holds back the power. Those headers should be standard on the 997S.

    The workmanship of the mufflers and cats looks excellent.It must sound beautiful.

    BTW, what's up with that air filter; you must have gained 5 hp alone with a clean filter, LOL. Bro, you have got to change that more frequently.

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    So in fact, the Europipe system is a lot cheaper than the X51 option by Porsche itself. Nevertheless you get a good sport exhaust and some extra HP as a bonus...

    No wonder Porsche is gaining big bonusses with pricy options...

    Re: 997 got pronounciation-course

    I've forgotten, can I put the X51 headers on my 997S with the PSE already on it and expect a non-interferrence fit? That's the last thing I think I would need.





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