I know all of you are probably getting tired of my never ending posts about where the heck my car is in production, but, here's one more. If the car is being built in Valmet, does the IDCS system still operate the same way? Reason I ask is, according to my dealer, the system did an update on the 18th and still showed my completion date as May 30. However, the status is still showing PLPROD. My dealer said that, along with PLPROD, the other bit of information that goes along with the status header is the "In Production" statement, which tells him that it is actually "In Production." I hope he is right, I just expected that the IDCS would display "PROD" if that was the case, but, then, when the system did a status update on the 18th, and if the car had not begun production yet, would it not change the completion date? Spring has sprung and I am missing some great top down days!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out here!