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    911 turbo got smoked!!!!!!!!!

    99 3000GT Vr-4 VS 02 996 turbo!!


    Re: 911 turbo got smoked!!!!!!!!!

    So what? I know a Volkswagen Golf GTi which makes the 996 Turbo look bad...on the straight line.
    Power isn't everything dude, it is the whole package which counts. One reason why in Germany tuned up rice burners are almost non-existant. They don't meet safety requirements, they don't meet environmental requirements, they're slow in curves and they can't stand a minute on the Autobahn at top speed without destroying the engine.

    The 996 Turbo is part of the "man's league", tuned rice burners make part of the "adolescent's league".

    I beg to differ...

    When it was released in '91, the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, along with its twin brother, the Dodge Stealth RT/TT, was regarded as a top-of-the-line sports car. With its all-wheel-drive system, electronically controlled suspension, all-wheel steering and a 300 HP 3.0 V6 twin-turbo engine, it was one of the most formidable cars on the road in its price range and also well beyond. Its main flaw, however, is its weight, which at 1700 kg seems pretty hefty for a sports car. Nonetheless, it's one of the more underrated cars on the road. It has tremendous modification potential and is capable of achieving well over 700 horsepower for a realtively small amount of money. Granted, upgrading the suspension and brakes on such a powerful vehicle is imperative, but the total amount of money for the upgrade still isn't that high. 3SI is a 3000GT enthusiast website, devoted to these machines, so if anyone would want to learn more about these cars, you will enjoy the site. There are some incredibly knowledgable people on their board who KNOW their stuff when it comes to tuning, so if you can locate their posts you will be in for a read I also disagree with the entire rice-burner mentality. While the Porsches are in a league of their own, these cars are in no way comparable to 100-HP Honda Civics as the phrase "rice burner" would imply. Also note that when they were released, the 3000GTs would had given the Carreras a run for their money. This post is in no way intended to be a flame, it's just a thought from a fellow car enthusiast.

    Re: I beg to differ...

    Just saw the video. It is obvious that the Porsche guy didn't know how to drive, at least his launches were horrible

    Re: I beg to differ...

    No problem, Crash. Anybody can post here what he wants, as long as it doesn't get personal. Some passionate comments are always welcomed.

    I agree that japanese car makers had some nice products in the early 90s. But what happened to them?
    I'd like to see a Honda NSX with a bi-turbo charged 500 HP engine, 4WD and less than 1500 kg of weight. Now this would change my view towards japanese cars.

    In Germany, as you might know, japanese cars are actually the "poor" man's cars for the lower middleclass. Only products like the Landcruiser V8 are considered luxury products. The Lexus model line has not much success over here.

    Re: I beg to differ...

    i totally agree with u ( RC Germany ), we have the same thing in Hong Kong. European car is an identification of rich people. That's why there are whole bunch of Mercedes, Bmw, Porsche on the street. I remembered somone told me that he would like to buy a low performance, old model's european car either than a newer and better performance japanese car in the same price.

    Re: I beg to differ...

    Yes, I know the status of japanese cars in Germany, I live pretty close . But the fact remains for me that I probably won't be able to afford a Porsche in under 5 years' time, since I still have to pass through university - the 3000GT doesn't look like such a bad choice after all And a twin-turbo NSX? That's a sight I wouldn't want to miss

    Re: Its funny that...

    In the US, a GS400 price at around the same price as a 540i, and you still see people buying a GS400.

    The power of branding and marketing... its amazing how a 'simple product' can have such high level of respect with a simple name change from Toyota to Lexus or Honda to Accorda.

    Re: Its funny that...

    I knew the reason why people want to buy Lexus other than BMW. Because lexus has better after sale service. I remebered there is a story told by my professor about the Lexus, there is a lady owned a Ls400 in US but everytimes where she wore high heel, her feet always stuck between the brake and gas pedal. That's why she went to the Lexus dealewr and compalined about it. After few days. there is a team of Lexus engineer from Japan went to her house and found out what happened with her high heel. Few days later, Lexus did make a new pedal set for that lady. i think that's the reason why the people want to buy Lexus!!

    Re: Its funny that...

    Service quality is SOOO important nowadays, it does make a huge difference!
    But marketing and branding is everywhere, we live for brands!
    Like someone posted, the Cayenne will sell because it is a Porsche, I am a victim too, I admit.
    996 vs M3, same power, comparable performance, different image, would still go for the Porsche despite the fact that the M3 is 30% cheaper (the M3's image in France is really bad)

    Brand Name sells...

    ...this is a (sad) fact. One simple example: take an inferior quality T-shirt, put a Versace sticker on it and sell it for 80 $. I witnessed several tourists buying such stuff in the US because "it is so cheap for a Versace". I prefer buying a good quality T-shirt with nothing on it for 10 $.

    The Cayenne will the beginning. But I wonder how much money VW will charge for it's W12 Touareg because this might be a highly interesting product. Not to mention the all new upcoming BMW X5 and Mercedes ML. I suppose Porsche wants to counteract with high power versions of the Cayenne Turbo but I'm not sure this will help. The Cayenne Turbo is already overpriced and paying the same amount of money for a 996 Turbo and a Cayenne Turbo would be ridiculous.
    I'm not sure about the Cayenne's success right now, it might sell well in the first and maybe second year of production but afterwards, it might have the same destiny as the 928. Time will tell.



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