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    E55 AMG FAQ - Update

    I hope this short FAQ provides some help for people interested in the E 55 AMG.

    1. Is it possible to remove the 250 kph speed limit?
    Yes, it is possible. You can order a raised speed limit (300 kph) on a new car, cost is around 2600 Euro incl. tax and install. This option is not available to certain countries like the USA. A retrofit is possible but only at AMG in Germany. Retrofit on US cars or on cars from countries where the raised speed limit isn't legal is not possible.
    Possible "workaround": shipping a US E55 with US license and registration to Germany/Affalterbach and have the speed limit removed at AMG directly. It has been confirmed for certain mods but I'm not sure this is possible for the speed raise too.
    Caution: a retrofit can be substantially more expensive than ordering on a new car because of tire approval (you might need a new set of tires if your tires aren't approved by AMG for the 300 kph speed limit).
    The most factory fitted tire on the E55, the Continental SportContact 2 (rear tire: M0 spec), is approved for the speed raise to 300 kph.

    2. Does the raised speed limit include a lowering of the Air Suspension?
    Apparently not.

    3. Does AMG approve aftermarket tuning like engine mods, speed limit removal or raising or "electronic" lowering of the air suspension?
    The answer is clearly no. You surely will loose warranty, even on the whole car if you're unlucky. Dealers are asked to keep track of modified cars!
    The engine control unit and other control units keep track of maximum values (like max. achieved speed, max. rev, max. boost pressure, etc.), these max. values cannot be erased completely.
    So if Mercedes/AMG want to find out (in case of an engine failure for example), they can.

    4. Is it possible to easily raise horsepower by ECU mods only (like on turbo engines)?
    No. It might be possible to gain 20 HP by ECU mods only but this is not recommendable. If you want more power, a lot of things have to be modified including the supercharger and the exhaust system. Right now there are power upgrades from 530 to 620 HP available from aftermarket tuners, most of them also raise the speed limit to 320 kph.

    5. When will the new DVD Navigation System be available?
    Starting end of march (or even slightly earlier), the DVD Navigation System is available on german cars.
    The US COMAND should be available starting with the new model year

    6. Can the new DVD Navigation System play DVD movies too?
    The COMAND DVD Navigation System is capable of playing DVD movies. The US version does not.
    It seems that AMG also offers a DVD changer as a special order item for direct install in Affalterbach only (only certain countries, not US).
    TFT monitors should are available for the rear compartment too as a special order item from the AMG Manufaktur (only certain countries, not US).

    7. Can the DVD Navigation System be retrofitted?
    Apparently, the DVD Navigation System can be easily retrofitted on all APS 50 equipped cars, at least those built in the past.
    Retrofit takes around a day and requires qualified and trained personel to do the retrofit due to possible problems with the CAN/MOST bus on the E55. Special retrofit kits are available for dealers from DC.
    In the US, a COMAND retrofit is not possible due to a different hardware.
    Almost 2000 US E-class customers who ordered the COMAND retrofit get a new car with COMAND instead (more details at US dealers)

    8. Does AMG offer any engine or suspension mods/upgrades for the E 55?
    Right now, AMG does offer only the raised speed limiter, a F1 style steering wheel and a 30% limited slip differential.
    These mods are not officially available for the US.

    9. Is it true that the E 55 is lighter than the other AMG supercharged V8 models and has a better performance, even if it has slightly less power?
    AMG claims practically the same performance figures for the E 55 and the SL 55. But from real life experience, it seems that the E 55 has a tiny advantage in performance.
    However the SL55 has a shorter transmission ratio.

    10. Is it true that a E 55 is even faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo from 0-300 kph?
    Yes, it seems to be true.

    11. Is it true that the E 55 doesn't have the same magnificent exhaust roar sound as the SL 55 AMG?
    Yes, unfortunately this is true but it is also true that the exhaust sound of the E55 is much better than the E500 exhaust sound.

    12. Is it true that the E 55 has less power than the SL 55 or CL 55 because of the exhaust system?
    This is the official explenation from AMG.

    13. Does the US COMAND play DVD videos and/or is a TV option available?
    No, the US COMAND does not play DVD videos and there is no TV option available.
    Instead, the US COMAND offers a Sirius Sat Radio option.

    14. Does the E-class 6-CD changer play copy protected or CD/R(W) Music CDs?
    Yes, the 6-CD changer plays all CDs, even copy protected ones which sometimes create a lot of problems in car HIFI System CD players and/or Home Computers.

    15. Are 20'' wheels officially approved by AMG for the E55?
    No, AMG doesn't officially approve 20'' wheels, apparently due to safety concerns.

    16. Is it true that AMG asks for a mandatory tire pressure of 3.1 bar (front) and 3.4 bar (rear) for fully loaded 300 kph speed raised E55?
    Yes, this is true. Due to safety reasons, new tire pressure instructions come with the 300 kph speed raise, indicated by a new tire pressure sticker.

    17. Is it true that US bound E55 have a 160 mph speed limit on the speedo because of liability concerns?
    There is a rumor that AMG wanted to avoid liability issues in the US if people delimit their E55s to higher speeds.

    18. How fast would be a completely delimited E55?
    Due to the longer gear ratio and the powerful engine, the top speed of the E55 is estimated at minimum 330 kph, if not even slightly more.

    19. My COMAND System (non-US) does weird things, it doesn't work as it is supposed to work. Is there any software update available?
    Yes, there is an update available (as of July 29th 2003). Current Nav CD is V 2.1, the current OS Update Version is Q6.

    Re: E55 AMG FAQ - Update

    Helpful summary. Thanks.

    Re: E55 AMG FAQ - Update

    Helpful summary. Thanks.

    Re: E55 AMG FAQ - Update

    very helpful!! would AMG ever increase SC boost for an owner? there may be much more safe horsepower available!! and yes, after reading the AMG brochure about the '200 MPH speedometer', I was sad to see that we, here in the USA, only get a 160 speedo.

    Re: E55 AMG FAQ - Update

    very helpful!! would AMG ever increase SC boost for an owner? there may be much more safe horsepower available!! and yes, after reading the AMG brochure about the '200 MPH speedometer', I was sad to see that we, here in the USA, only get a 160 speedo.



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